“Gay Christian” appointed by President Trump

Richard Grenell at UN Security Council meeting
Richard Grenell at UN Security Council meeting

Rick Grenell, an openly gay man and “gay Christian”’ advocate, has been chosen by President Donald Trump to be the U.S. ambassador to NATO. Although widely reported, the appointment has yet to be confirmed by the White House. If confirmed, Grenell would be the highest ranking openly gay member of the current administration.

Grenell is a Republican foreign policy expert, having criticized the Obama administration’s foreign and defense policies as a Fox News contributor. He served as a spokesman for three U.S. ambassadors to the United Nations from 2001 to 2008.

An early Trump supporter, Grenell advocates for same-sex marriage as a conservative issue, criticizing “loud religious rights activists” that oppose LGBT civil rights. He also supports Trump’s pro-LGBT stance, something that is contested by gay rights advocates after the president reversed Obama’s protection of transgender students in public schools nationwide.