Robbinsville School Board Member resigns after using the word “faggot”


Robbinsville School Board member Joseph Armenti has resigned after a firestorm of protest when he used the word “faggot” at a School Board meeting. Steven Goldstein of Garden State Equality said, “Thousands of Garden State Equality members are bursting with pride over the courage of the Robbinsville High School Gay-Straight Alliance, whose student leaders spoke out against homophobia and never backed down. These students are role models for social change for other students across the nation.”

Garden State Equality(GSE) issued a statement denouncing a remark that Armenti made at a September 23 School Board meeting regarding a suggestion by students that a box be placed in Robbinsville High School to drop slips of paper reporting students and other persons who used defamatory speech or “hate” terms on campus. The proposal was that such slips be followed up by a guidance person who would counsel the offending person regarding appropriate expression in the school environment.