Freeheld to become a new feature film


Ellen Page will star as Stacie

Ellen Page, best known for her Academy Award-nominated turn in Juno, will star in a feature film based on last year’s Oscar-winning short documentary Freeheld. The documentary followed the legal battle of Laurel Hester. She was an ailing lesbian New Jersey police officer who asked  the Ocean County New Jersey Freeholders to transfer her pension benefits to her domestic partner, Stacie Andree, in the year before she died of lung cancer. She died just four days after Valentine’s Day.

Page would play the part of Laurel’s domestic partner, Stacie. The feature will be a real-life inspired film that will address some of the stark differences between marriage and domestic partnerships and how it affects real LGBT couples.

Hester and Andree were registered domestic partners and jointly owned a house together. Hester feared that Andree would lose the home if she did not have the pension money to help pay the bills.