Bonnie McKee discusses luck and inspiration in her music


Bonnie McKeeFrom Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” to Rita Ora’s “How We Do (Party),” Bonnie McKee has had a hand in crafting some of the most amazing pop songs in recent memory. She also had a huge hit with her summer feel good track of last year, “American Girl.”  

I recently got to chat with her to discuss the new EP, her new tour with Karmin this summer, and who she would love to do some collaborating with.

One of the biggest songs of last summer was “American Girl”, and you’ve had a hand in writing some of the biggest songs in recent memory. From Britney Spears’ “Ooh La La” to Kesha’s “Cmon”, you certainly know how to write a killer hook! How do you seem to have the magic touch on so many records?

Bonnie: I’m lucky enough to work with some amazing collaborators definitely! I may have Katy Perry in the room, Max Martin, Dr. Luke, it’s definitely a group effort. Bonnie McKee spoke with Cookie about her musicThey obviously have many years of experience on me, and I’m just glad to have a hand in helping create these amazing songs.

When you hear a track that you’ve helped write remixed in a club, do you fall in love with it all over again? Or do you prefer, since you helped craft it, to have it stay in it’s original form?

Bonnie: I love the idea of a different take on a track. I was just out in Dallas and I heard two remixes of two of my songs. I heard a remix of Britney Spears’ “Hold It Against Me” and then I heard a remix of Rita Ora’s song “How We Do (Party).” I rarely hear that song, it went to Number One on the charts in the U.K, but it didn’t do too much here, so I always get excited when I hear it. I love when people take something that I did and make it their own, it’s really cool.

Everyone gets inspiration from so many different things. What really inspires you when you are preparing to head into the studio?

Bonnie: You know, I really like to watch movies and really get into them. I tend to sometimes find stories within those stories, especially because there are so many angles. There are really only so many stories that you can tell with a song; I love you, I hate you, I miss you, and party! (LOL). It’s interesting to try to find different angles for stories.

I’m also very visually stimulated, so I love watching movies that are filled with color. I love Baz Luhrman, Quentin Tarantino, stuff like that, which is really over the top visual to me. It’s very inspiring.

On your own as a solo artist, you have an EP coming out this summer right? A single perhaps?

I sure do! The single is top secret, so I can’t tell you that one just yet. The next single is big, inspirational, and uplifting and it definitely is what I think people need.

You’re hitting the road with pop/ synth duo Karmin this summer and during a recent chat I had with them, they were super excited to be heading out on tour with you as well. What is it like going on the road?

Bonnie: It’s amazing. We’re at the top of the tour right now and meeting different fans who may not have heard of me before and who love the song is really amazing. I think it’s a great fit with Karmin as well.

Every artist has a wish list. Who would you absolutely love to work with?

I’d love to work with Lady Gaga, I think she’s one of the most exciting performers around today. She doesn’t do much collaborating, but who knows? I’m a huge Gaga fan and would love to work with her.

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