For this YouTube star, the sky is the limit

Stan Chris
Stan Chris is a YouTube star

Stan Chris is a rising YouTube star with a bright future ahead of him. This 22-year-old, now surpassing 100,000 subscribers, makes heartfelt content as well as a lot of fun videos and does it all with great authenticity and care. Being such a great role model for the gay community, the sky is the limit for this young gentleman.

Stan Chris laying shirtless on a bed
Stan Chris

Congratulations on hitting 100,000 subscribers. How did it feel for you to hit that milestone on YouTube?

Stan Chris: Thank you. Yeah it felt pretty good. It took me two years, so I’ve been trying to hit it because YouTube I feel is the hardest to get followers on, so it was just a goal I had for a long time.

What video made you realize your content was taking off? Was there a moment you realized people were starting to be engaged with your videos?

SC: I would say there were probably two different ones. I mean the first time I had a video reach over 10,000 views was obviously like oh, I was like ok, because it put the “K” next to it, instead of it actually just writing a number in the thousands, so I was like ooh ok wait.

The first one that did that was when I had a Gay Q&A. Then later, I when I started making videos with Calvin, my straight friend. The video where he is reacting to Lil Nas X’s new song, is almost at a million views. Which is my highest video.

After that I started doing shorts more, which are basically like TikTok’s, and multiples of those have gone viral. I think two are at ten million views, so I would say it kind of came in increments, first it was like the 10K then it was hitting 100,000 views on a video and then it was the shorts blowing up like crazy.

I noticed you went to see the movie Bros with your friend Calvin. Do you enjoy other LGBTQ romantic films?

SC: Yea I really wanted to see Spoiler Alert; I mean we could even do a part two. I’m sure Calvin would be down to go see Spoiler Alert because my friends told me it was way better. I mean yeah I just had a feeling like that was kind of a click bait little title, so it was just funny bringing my straight friend to see a gay movie.

I did the same thing, I brought one of my straight friends.

Stan Chris sitting in front of a rainbow flag
Stan Chris

SC: Did you like it?

Bros, oh yeah I really did, I thought it was funny,

SC: Yeah it was definitely, but it’s still a challenge for me because my mom is pretty religious, but obviously she’s fine and I just feel like it’s usually scarier when you’re coming out to your dad because you’re both guys.

But then after I came out, I found out that my uncle, my dad’s brother was gay.

I was like, why didn’t I know this? That would’ve made me way more comfortable coming out. My brothers were all cool about it, they didn’t really care, but it still was scary for me. I feel like my mom already knew. One time my older brother was calling me gay, and she pulled me aside and asked are you gay? And I was like no, because I was still in the closet.

I see you have a boyfriend, for how long now?

SC: I think it’s been a year since we were official.

It can be very hard for us gay guys. What advice would you give to people like me or anyone reading this that are looking for a true relationship in the LGBTQ+ community?

SC: I would say know what you want, but if you’re single don’t try too hard to be in a relationship with someone just because you see couples that are cute.

I just messaged my current boyfriend on Instagram and said, ‘Hey you should take me out.’ And then we started hanging out. We hung out for a year before we even started dating officially.

I guess just know what you like, but don’t be super picky. Give guys a chance, go on dates, you never really know how someone can surprise you when you hang out with them. It’s kind of a cliché, but I feel like you’ll find a guy when you’re not even looking.

That’s good advice. Back to your vids. Do you have a favorite video you’ve done so far?

SC: I really like my parody I did this year, but I’ll say I really love “The Girl In Red” parody that I did. If not talking parodies, I like the one with my brother, my little brother. Yeah the one with my little brother, the ones with Calvin are pretty fun but my favorite is probably either “The Girl in Red” parody or the new parody I just released.

Stan Chris shirtless
Stan Chris

Your parodies are funny, I really like the New England Boys parody.

SC: Yea that one is good too.

Yeah because I’ve been up to P-Town so I love that one.

SC: I love P-town.

Yeah, it is a fun place. When making videos is it hard sometimes to be vulnerable for you, or does that just come naturally?

SC: Yeah sometimes. I feel like if I could be a little vulnerable sometimes, it’ll help more people.

That’s good you have that mindset that your videos are able to help people, I think that is really good. What type of music do you like? I think I saw you’re a Swiftie, but do you have any other artists you really love?

SC: Yeah, I’m definitely a Swiftie, I love alternative pop, hyper pop, I had a phase where I really liked rock. I still like rock sometimes, R&B sometimes, but other favorite artists I’d probably say Aries, obviously Taylor Swift. Elroy, he’s actually pretty sick, no one really knows about him, but I also like really chill stuff. Oh, I love Muna too. I’ve seen them in concert, I think they’re good.

That’s cool, it sounds like you have a good variety, which is good. If you could change one thing about this world, it could be anything, what would it be and why?

SC: I’m fine with religion existing. However, the idea came out of religion that being gay is wrong. I would just delete that so that no one really cares if you’re gay and people can still have their religion and worship Jesus. I guess that is what I would change.