Follow the “transition” in the documentary “Finding Kim”

Documentary movie
Documentary movie "Finding Kim"

Aaron Bear and Gabriel Bienczycki’s newly released documentary Finding Kim gives voice to a transman’s journey to become the man on the outside he always was on the inside. Kim tells his story bit by bit and we follow his transition. He is very candid, and he is joined in telling his story by others, who have undergone the transition process including adult film star Buck Angel, author, actress, and musician Calpurnia Adams, and model/actress Carmen Carrerra, whom many know from her appearances on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Scene from the documentary "Finding Kim"
Scene from the documentary “Finding Kim”

We follow Kim as he free-associates, discussing his fears and anticipations as he goes through the process. He’s concerned about his family.

Experts like Jamison Green, who transitioned more than 30 years ago, discuss how being trans is very different from someone getting a rhinoplasty. Trans people seek to feel whole by matching the outside to the inside — the personality, brain, and the chemistry. Medical experts like surgeon Dr. Tony Mangubat provide an overview of the physical aspect of transition, as well as the surgeries involved.

Buck Angel says “there’s no wrong way to be male or female …love who you are.” He celebrates the trans movement for helping all people understand that wherever you are, it’s correct. Getting past the programming that penis equals man, and vagina equals woman, is important to understand as being masculine or feminine transcends our external genitalia.

Finding Kim is an excellent starting place to get a breadth of understanding — what it means to transition, and most importantly, how to support friends in their transition. This film is engaging, enlightening, and a perfect film for these times of change.

Sherri enjoys all forms of entertainment and writes in her spare time for several outlets including Out In Jersey magazine. She is Development and Outreach Coordinator at NJ Peace Action, contract trainer at LDT and VP of Development at InterPride - The International Association of LGBTI Pride Organizers.