FLASH IN FASHION – In the Brooklyn style


With a history in creating custom luggage and bags for royalty, aristocrats, and presidents, producing trunks to perfectly fit luxury vehicles, and updating luggage design for luxury airlines such as Air France, only one name comes to mind, Goyard. However, when creating custom handbags, bridal bags, and more importantly, manbags, for the denizens of downtown style, and aristocrats of the arts, it is the name Aaron Sciandra of Brooklyn Bags that equates.

Brooklyn bags began in 2003 when Aaron needed to find a creative way to produce a birthday present. Having studied the art of sewing since apprenticing under his mother back in the early 1980s, Aaron made a bag.

The birthday bag has since then turned into a business in which each and every Brooklyn Bag is custom designed and handmade by Aaron in his Brooklyn studio. Hence, my favorite detail to all of the bags, the label. Each Brooklyn Bag boasts a label on it’s exterior, proudly stating that it was “Made in Brooklyn.”