Fine dining is available just about any time at the Florham Park Diner

Florham Park Diner

Ridgedale Avenue in Florham Park is a busy commercial avenue. It might be easy to miss the Florham Park Diner, so you owe it to yourself to keep your eyes peeled for this treasure.

Newly renovated, it is a spruce, modern, and sparkly establishment with table, counter, and booth seating as well as a private room.

New and spacious with a red, black, and white décor, it was comfortable for our party of four (one of whom had knee surgery recently and walked with a cane).

Jenny, our waitress, arrived to greet us and take our drink orders. This was the first of many times Jenny made sure that we were happy and felt well-served. 

Dinner began with a few appetizers. We ordered the fried calamari ($9.79), disco fries ($5.79), and the Family Platter ($9.99).

Within minutes, our respective drinks arrived, quickly followed by our appetizers on three large platters. The calamari were light and airy while still being crisp, heaped in a generous portion. The disco fries were something none of us had seen before. According to Jenny, it’s something the kids like to order: French fries covered in mozzarella and brown gravy (what’s not to like?).

The Family Platter was a huge affair with two large filets of chicken (very large “fingers” by our estimate), several jalapeno popovers, mozzarella sticks, and onion rings with several sauces on the side. This platter could easily be a meal for one very hungry diner or a light meal for two.

 We all had ordered from the special dinner menu of the day which included soup, salad, and dessert with our entrée, all priced in the mid-teens.

Jeff and I ordered the meat loaf, Rob ordered lamb chops, and Nick ordered a steak covered in gorgonzola.

Our hearty and homemade soups arrived first. Then the salads appeared, which were of a good size and fresh.

Our entrees arrived to our amazement: they were portions which could only be called outstanding. Generous servings of meat loaf, frenched lamb chops, and a large steak arrived accompanied by an assortment of broccoli rabe, lemon potatoes, mashed potatoes, and an assortment of grilled vegetables. 

Nick stated his steak was perfectly cooked, while Jeff expressed happiness over what he said was meat loaf as good as his mother made. Rob’s four large lamb chops were exceptional.

Amazingly, we also had several dessert options. Nick decided to have a cappuccino, but balked. When Jenny asked why, he said that a diner could not possibly make a real cappuccino. Jenny reassured him that they had a professional, restaurant-grade cappuccino machine, which would guarantee a perfect cup.

When it arrived, Nick agreed. It was perfect.

The Florham Park Diner is located at 182 Ridgedale Avenue and is open early and closes late seven days a week. Breakfast items, wraps, dinners, burgers, and other choices are available ’round-the-clock. 

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