Find your furever pet with All Fur One

Bogart the cat
Bogart is available for adoption

All Fur One is a volunteer-run pet rescue and adoption center located in Silverton-Toms River. Their 2,300-square-foot facility provides a temporary home for rescued pets. The rescue says they approach animal welfare a bit differently than others might expect.

AFO also has amenities some might call luxurious including a volunteers’ lounge with snacks and coffee. They also have an indoor playroom and an outdoor play space for their dogs. There are also free-roaming suites filled with toys and perches for their cats.

“Our center is bright and airy — clean, organized, and filled with happy pets that enjoy being in our care while they prepare to meet their adopters and happy volunteers who enjoy being their interim family,” the rescue’s site said.

Additionally, AFO is proud of its rescues. To them, “rescued is a beautiful breed.”

Twelve people make up the rescue team. This includes a force of volunteers and founding member Lindsay Travali. Travali is a lifelong Jersey Shore resident. She says she has always had a love of animals and helped care for her family pets growing up.

Today, Travali has an abundance of cats with her husband, and she has a soft spot in her heart for cats that most deem “unadoptable” and gravitates towards adopting blind, feral, and/or black cats.

The founder does this knowing that some adopters may discriminate based on the animal’s circumstances, looks or ability.

“We believe in promoting responsible pet ownership through education and appropriate matchmaking. We believe it’s important for humans and pets to have equal opportunities… especially to love and be loved without fear of discrimination based on looks or systemic challenges,” said Travali.

Since 2019, All Fur One has rescued 2,759 animals and they are ready to save and adopt out some more.

Meet Bubbly Buttertart:

Bubbly Buttertart the dog
Bubbly Buttertart is available for adoption

Hello, my name is Bubbly Buttertart! I am a rather large, but goofy guy! I’m well trained to walk on a leash and never mess in my kennel. I’m so sweet and I’d love to find my forever home.

When people adopt through AFO they get free or discounted dog training through their partnership with GoodPup. Bubbly Buttertart and AFO want adopters to know that if he’s adopted his training shall be continued, and reinforce what he already knows with expert help!

Meet Bogart:

Bogart the cat
Bogart is available for adoption

Hello, my name is Bogart! I’m a super handsome tuxedo cat ready to find my happily ever after. Will it be with you? I lived outside for a while so I’m very nervous at first. For instance, quick movement scares me. However, I mostly think people are okay. They feed me, but I don’t like people petting my head. However, I think I could get used to a person petting my head.

With that said, my perfect adopter should be cat savvy and let me adjust on my own time. I’m sure I will hide and run away from you at first, but I think that if someone is patient I would be ok eventually. I do love other cats, so if I had a friend to play with then it would help me adjust faster. Please no children or dogs. Thank you.

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