Fear and Defiance on the Streets of Bushwick


Hate Doesn’t Stop To Ask Questions

Two men were ogling a Next Magazine with lascivious glee when I entered the empty L train. I sat across from them. They quickly put it away. I guess the half-naked Chelsea boy on the cover had something to do with their sudden shyness. After all, people have been beaten to death for less overt signs of gayness.
José Sucuzhañay (pronounced suh-KOO-shen-yeye) is one of those people. The Ecuadorian real estate broker was viciously beaten with a bottle and baseball bat by men who yelled anti-Hispanic and anti-gay slurs at him and his brother outside their Brooklyn, N.Y. home in the wee hours of December 7th. He was declared brain-dead on December 9th. As his mother was on her way to his bedside from Ecuador, on December 12th, his heart stopped. On December 14th, a unified bilingual voice decried the senseless attack and demanded justice.