Every family has its secrets in novel “Everyman”

Everyman book cover
Everyman by M. Shelly Conner

Eve is a young woman coming of age in Chicago

M. Shelly Conner’s latest work is her novel, Everyman. Every family has its secrets, and students of drama may be tickled by the title, as the earliest storytelling involved this character that represented all of us. Every family has its secrets, and some of them may be known rather than told.

Eve Mann knows little of her origins. She was born to a very young woman named Mercy. It happened under scandalous circumstances that caused her mother to leave the small Southern town, Ideal, Georgia, where she was born.

It is now 1972, and Mercy’s sister Ann has raised Eve to adulthood. Mercy’s death giving birth to Eve made Ann an instant parent. A parent determined to guard her sister’s secret.

The unraveling of Eve’s story will resonate as recollection with more experienced readers who may have lived through these same circumstances. Other readers may find a hunger to read more about a period of time that may have formed their parent’s or grandparent’s lives on their way to raising the next generation and the next.

Boomers, Gen Jones, Millennials, Gen X, Gen Y, and beyond have much to learn from Dr. Conner, and the stories are telling and compelling as each character’s thread creates the tapestry that Eve is seeking to create. She weaves words, actions, recollections, and even though a picture is forming, it will always be gloriously incomplete.

Summer, Fall, Winter—any season is perfect for this book. Get two today—one to keep and one to share. The loaner will never return.

Everyman is ISBN 978-1094006208

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