Queer Headed: Welcoming Fall Hangout at Lake Lenape in Mays Landing

Queer Headed: Welcoming Fall Hangout at Lake Lenape in Mays Landing


5:00 pm - 12:00 pm


Lake Lenape
6303 Old Harding Highway, Mays Landing, New Jersey

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Queer Headed: Welcoming Fall Hangout at Lake Lenape in Mays Landing

Saturday, September 23-24, 2023 – 5:00PM to 12:00PM

Food, Fun, Fellowship, Bon Fire Fun

Optional Camping (Message For Details At Link Below)

Please Support Queer Headed
Queer and Sober fellowship exists in Southern NJ, yet it still experiences many bumps in the road. These barriers include financial hardship, discrimination, internalized transphobia, internalized homophobia, a newcomer’s fear of being rejected, lack of transportation, and amazing local treatment providers that would have to change the entire trajectory of their program in order to offer 100% inclusivity. Versus reinventing the wheel, we would like to provide a needed queer and inclusive cog for the local recovery community. Queer Headed’s mission is to provide sober community events, support, and resources to LGBTQIA+ individuals who face adversity due to the struggle of their specific Queer and Sober intersection.

From both a personal and vulnerable space, we understand how building Queer and Sober fellowship is not only challenging but feels almost impossible. Queer Headed seeks to reduce the distress behind this experience. This reduced stress is being offered to the queer newcomer, already recovering queer individuals who have approached meaninglessness in their recovery, treatment providers with queer clients, family members who know an individual in need of this resource, and anyone who is interested in a queer and sober experience. Allies are welcome! Queer Headed provides a once-a-month social event that seeks to create continuous and maintained Queer and Sober fellowship in our own backyard of Southern New Jersey.

The purpose is effectiveness without long transport and reducing financial hardship in doing so. Queer Headed also seeks to provide identified Queer and Recovering individuals with help when asked for support. Unfortunately, money is a true blockade in providing this resource to a much-needed and fundamental part of the recovery process. Please get in service by offering a donation. Your offering feeds the Queer and Sober intersection of South Jersey from a micro, mezzo, and macro level. It is invaluable and highly appreciated. Thank you very much for your kind heart, who sees a future of queer people no longer riddled by the mystery of addiction.




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