Online Event: Queer Women of Pride Virtual Music Festival

Online Event: Queer Women of Pride Virtual Music Festival


10:00 am - 10:00 pm


Online Event
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Online Event: Queer Women of Pride Virtual Music Festival

Since most of the LIVE PRIDE performances and gatherings, we were looking forward to having been getting postponed or canceled this has added to our already existing feelings of isolation. This whole Social Distancing thing has Left us feeling disconnected from our loved ones and even the rest of the world.

We wanted to find a way to reconnect again and what better way to ignite that connection than with music!?

It is with this spirit that I decided to bring together and produce this all-day Virtual Music and Performing Arts Festival!
Rita Amethyst.. just a music enthusiast!

These performance and freelance artists have lost all their live gigs which they relied on for their livelihood, so we’re hoping to also help raise money to help ease these financial burdens.
We have performers from all over the country taking part in this festival!
Each artist will go on LIVE on their Facebook page and be “cross streamed” on this page.
We’re featuring the following artists in the approx. order of appearance: Times may change so please check back before the show!

10:00am-10:30am—Melissa Crispo & Jaquah Pearce-

Jaquay Pearce –

10:30am-11:00am–Pat Daddona – writes folk tunes about love, loss, and blessings. Her 2010 CD ‘Love Is Hard’ was nominated for a local Whalies award. Since then, she has written, published songs, and performed in RI, CT. Vermont is her current home.

11:00am-11:45am- Anneliese & Ali- have been playing and writing music together for 3 years. They’ve performed in Nashville TN-The Bluebird Cafe! From LA to their current home in Indiana, they hope passion in their music inspires others through their own journey.
11:45am- 12:00pm-12:30pm-Pandora Scooter – is an award-winning spoken word artist who has toured the country twice with LGBTQ+ positive shows. She is honored to be part of this awesome event.

12:30pm-1:00pm- Interview- with Monika M. Pickett- Author of “Pretty Boy Blue” and LGBT talk show host ”
1:00pm-1:45pm—Jill Garrison- lead singer in bands with varying music styles since late the 70s in NJ and NY. Went solo in the past year, a bluesy singer/songwriter with an R&B flavor, proud to share this new venture with you!

1:45pm-2:00pm-Fonda C FeinGold singer-songwriter of “Stronger” Video collaboration produced by Beth Styles.
“While the whole world feels like it’s burning” she has been singing, playing piano, and writing songs of social & political import here in NYC for upwards of 40 years.
2:00pm-2:45pm—Stephanie Chin- She is an NJ and PA favorite with regular appearances at New Hope PrideFest and Women’s Weekend. With hints of everything from Norah to Natalie, she warms your soul with her soulful and healing tone. Tap into more of her positive vibes at

2:45pm-DJ Mimi-

3:00pm-3:30pm—-Christie Lenee-

3:30pm-4:30pm – Nicole and Denise Entertainment – the Jersey Shore’s #1 Duo with the full band sound. This ain’t your average duo!

4:30pm-4:45pm- Cynthia Rodriguez – (a.k.a “Charlie” since the mid ’90s) is one of the original Drag Kings in the Lehigh Valley area in PA and specializes in Drag King comedy. Originally from NYC, she has performed in many venues, including in Philly and NY

4:45pm-5:00pm-Veronica Garza- Comedian!

5:00pm-5:45pm—Sister Funk (Denise Troy, Kathy, and Peepa)-Sister Funk all-female band based out of New Haven, CT has been playing a wide range of musical styles for the past 20 years. Proud to be celebrating pride!


6:00pm-6:45pm–Jean Navarr – Singer/Songwriter, recording artist and self-taught musician since the age of 8. She’s endeared by the LGBT community and plays around Asbury Park NJ and eastern PA.

7:00pm-7:30pm—Stormstress (Tia Dmuchowski, Tanya Dmuchowski & Maddie Scott)
7:30pm- DJ Mimi-

8:30pm-DJ Mimi

9:00pm-9:45pm—-Cassie Nadeau -“aka “Miss so and so” –

The LIVE links will be available on this page ONE WEEK prior to the performance date.


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