Online Event: Prism: An LGBTQ+ Neurodivergent Community Group

    Prism: An LGBTQ+ Neurodivergent Community Group
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    Date(s) - 01/17/2023
    6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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    Online Event: Prism: An LGBTQ+ Neurodivergent Community Group

    Third Tuesday – 6:00PM to 7:30PM EST

    This group is meeting virtually every 3rd Tuesday of the month from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. Eastern. To participate, please email Live closed captioning is available during the meetings.

    Welcome to Prism! Named for all the rainbows a prism can make when held up to the light, Prism is a group for neurodivergent LGBTQ+ people to gather, build community, and share support. We celebrate neurodiversity and embrace our individual unique perspectives.

    “Neurodiversity is not a word about autism alone. It is a word that embraces all neurological uniqueness, all rhythms of neurodevelopment and all the forms by which humans can express themselves and contribute to their world.” – New Forums Press
    We embrace all neurodivergent people – whether you’re formally diagnosed or not. We are committed to making you feel welcome. Please reach out to if you have anything we can help with to make the group more comfortable and accessible for you.

    The group’s first meeting will be Tuesday, February 15, facilitated by Ian Collins, BSW.

    Expectations for the first meeting:
    – Introductions (name/pronouns) and a short (optional) ice breaker question
    Brainstorm session for ideas for group activities
    – To participate in the “brainstorm,” people can type ideas in the chat or say them aloud, and the facilitator will take notes to write down ideas.
    – We want to do this, so we can hear what activities people are interested in doing, and Prism can be what people are looking for in a group.
    – If you prefer or do not speak aloud, there is never a requirement to do so. You can type in the chat and/or share images in the chat if you prefer to engage with group that way!
    – If you do not want to put your camera on, you never have to — and facilitators will never ask you to.

    Some activities we’re considering for future meetings include:
    – movie/TV watch party
    – parallel play night
    – online games
    – show-and-tell
    – craft night

    Supportive services are sponsored by People First Federal Credit Union.