Virtual event on “Drag Therapy: Theory and Practice”

Virtual event on "Drag Therapy: Theory and Practice"


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


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Leon Silvers Presents “Drag Therapy: Theory and Practice”
Explore the Origins & Performance of This Innovative Form of Psychotherapy

Leon Silvers, LMHC, will deliver a virtual presentation on “Drag Therapy: Theory and Practice” on July 15, 2020. This online event will be held in conjunction with the New York Center for Living and is open to mental health professionals, educators, and patients across the country. There is a charge online to attend.

As the creator of this innovative form of psychotherapy, Silvers will discuss the history of drag as an art form, cultural practice, and means of self-exploration, giving each participant the ability to uncover and reflect on different aspects of their identity. By examining the various therapeutic modalities that have been used to develop Drag Therapy, Silvers will give participants the tools to help their patients develop drag personas and connect with their struggles, accomplishments, and personal characteristics in a new and exciting way.

“Drag Therapy is an experiential therapy that allows participants to identify and embody different aspects of themselves through drag, costume, performance, makeup, and improvisation,” Silvers explained. “It is an effective way for patients to gain insight, work through fear and trauma, and increase their creativity and spontaneity.”

To provide more opportunities for clients and practitioners to learn about and experience Drag Therapy, Silvers will hold a completely experiential virtual workshop on July 26, 2020, that is open to the general public. Please visit to sign up for “Drag Therapy: Theory and Practice”, or email Jessica Fraser at to enroll in the virtual workshop.

About Leon Silvers

Leon Silvers, LMHC, is the creator of Drag Therapy and the founder and director of Silvers Psychotherapy, a group psychotherapy practice headquartered in New York City. Leon is passionate about working with clients from all racial and ethnic backgrounds, ages, religions, disabilities, gender, and sexual orientations. He has been invited to present Drag Therapy events and workshops at multiple venues, including Amazon, the Fashion Institute of Technology, the American Musical and Dramatic Amazon, WorldPride, and RuPaul’s Drag Con; he will also be a guest on an upcoming episode of the reality show “Drag Heals”, which airs Oct. 2, 2020, on Amazon Prime. Visit his website at to learn more.

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