Declan McKenna at Wellmont Theater in Montclair

Declan McKenna at Wellmont Theater in Montclair


7:00 pm - 10:30 pm


The Wellmont Theater
5 Seymour St, Montclair, New Jersey

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Declan McKenna at Wellmont Theater in Montclair

Sunday, June 4, 2023 – 7:00PM to 10:30PM

Day Four of Montclair Pride’s Week of Events brings a truly remarkable event to Montclair: Declan McKenna in concert with special guests, Oracle Sisters.

Out Montclair is so excited to feature a Montclair Pride event at The Wellmont Theater for the second year in a row, bringing this unshakeable talent to our community.

Declan McKenna’s has penned anthems that address LGBTQ representation in the media, trans rights, social hierarchy and more. He’s proven to be a voice of dissent in the name of what’s right – while coyly delivering his message with the CATCHIEST of indie-rock jams. His hit “Brazil” highlighted corruption during the FIFA world cup and was an overnight sensation back in 2014 – and he hasn’t stopped honoring his protest rock roots since.

Declan’s latest album Zero stands as a reflection of our own culture, in a warped carnival mirror sense, but always close enough to see a familiar face staring back. It reflects an entire generation which has been born into a world where there seem to be multiple realities: social media, fake news, post-truth. The unshakeable confidence and boldness of Declan’s voice and the stories he tells make for a vibrant, unforgettable live show to match his iconic records. |