Big Read: Book Read at Genevieve’s Exclusive Vintage Collection in Montclair

Big Read: Book Read at Genevieve's Exclusive Vintage Collection in Montclair


6:30 pm - 10:00 pm


Genevieve's Exclusive Vintage Collection
10 Lackawanna Plaza, Montclair, New Jersey

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Big Read: Book Read at Genevieve’s Exclusive Vintage Collection in Montclair

Monday, February 26, 2024 – 6:30PM to 10:00PM

Join them as as they participate in the Montclair Public Library’s Big Read Event, with Julio Cesar Roman III book, Out of Space: Creating Safe Spaces in Unlikely Places.

Julio’s groundbreaking memoir and leadership guide for LGBTQIA+ advocates suggests that safe spaces are not rooms with four walls and a door. Space spaces are people—leaders whose values, words, and actions invite and encourage every individual in their presence to express their fully authentic self.

Leaders embody those spaces physically, and they embody them on social media. They create them by sharing the values of worth, acceptance, and self-esteem with every life they touch.

But what happens when our safe spaces are violated?

What happens when the people who represent safety, are taken from us? How do we deal with what we are witnessing, and where do we start picking up the pieces?

By sharing his own poignant struggle to overcome the emotional scars of violence and abuse, Roman demonstrates the critical importance of safe spaces for every marginalized voice.

Whether you’re a young LGBTQIA+ person, a community-based organizer or ally, an LGBTQIA+ rights advocate, a business leader, an HR representative, or anyone else who wants to create a safe space for others, Out of Space can help you learn how to do it—and what being a safe space truly means.

Julio C. Roman is the founder and CEO of Organizing. Unique. Transformations, OUT Agency a social impact company that partners with organizations and leaders to create a conscious and inclusive workplace where collaboration and growth thrive.