Editorial – August/September 2008


The New Jersey Family Policy Council launched an anti-gay fund drive in early 2008. They said a mysterious donor had pledged $10,000 in matching funds for their determined efforts to block any sort of advance in queer rights —especially same sex marriage. Their chief spokesman in New Jersey, Len Deo, is an unattractive man with a squeaky voice and a cheap suit. He is not to be dismissed as a figure of ridicule. Deo and his minions in the right-wing clergy have energetically and consistently fought our liberation every step of the way.

We can all speculate about how empty his own life must be, for him to devote himself so whole- heartedly to assaults on our LGBT community. But that would be fruitless. The important thing is we have not yet won our full equal rights and he is the primary foe in the state.