Eddie Martinez – Superstar DJ has a new album


DJ Eddie Martinez shirtOpenDJ Eddie Martinez may have started his DJ career in New York City, but he is poised for worldwide success very soon. Whether you’ve seen him in New York or in Asbury Park’s Sand Blast, you know that there is nothing quite like a dance floor with superstar Eddie behind the decks.

Eddie had a chat with me about how he started spinning, his amazing new album “Hybrid”, and what is was like to work side by side with the legendary Peter Rauhofer. 

How’d you get started spinning?

DJ Eddie Martinez pulling his shirt.I got into DJ’ing about 10 years ago when a friend of mine pushed me into it, but it really started as a hobby, and eventually I wanted to pursue it more. 

Tell me about your new album “Hybrid”?

Hybrid is a compilation of 11 original tracks that cross-breeds through different genres of house music.What I wanted to do was create an album that was a little different and reflect my work as a producer that’s not typical”circuit”.

You worked with amazingly talented artists like Meg, Jena & Vaughn on “Hybrid”. How did you choose the fantastic vocalists that contributed?

DJ Eddie Martinez BWI love working with up and coming new talent that hasn’t really been spotlighted or heard of yet.They’re hungry and haveso many fresh and new ideas.

Legendary DJ, producer, and remixer Peter Rauhofer was both a close friend and musicalinfluence of yours. What do you miss the most about him? What do you feel his musical legacy is?

I miss his humor, he was so funny and witty, which not many people know.His legacy is his music. It will live on and on and inspire for years to come.Itdefinitely still inspires me all the time; he was so innovative and ahead of the game. 

What other DJ’s have influenced your soundandcareer the most?

That’sreally hard to say because so manyhave, but a fewthat stand out are Peter Rauhofer, Victor Calderone, Abel, Murk,and Cevin Fisher.

You’ve spun everywhere from New York City and beyond! Where are some of your favorite places that you’ve been lucky enough to spin?

I definitely love playing in New York, Miami, San Francisco and Toronto.

When you’re not behind the decks, what can we find DJ Eddie Martinez doing?

Working on music, at the gym, or listening to R&B

DJ Eddie Martinez with his shirt open

music with a nice glass of red. 

With everything you’ve accomplished so far, what’s next for Eddie Martinez?

Big things, hopefully!

(Eddie’s new album “Hybrid” is available on i-Tunes.)