Tempest DuJour – Feeling the Love


Ru Paul Drag Race contestant Tempest DuJourTempest DuJour has joined an elite group of ladies and is the first contestant to be eliminated this season from “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. Tempest is a seasoned queen with comedy to spare, and would have been a worthy competitor in some of the more complex acting challenges. 

Ms. DuJour sat down with Entertainment Editor Cookie to talk about her experience on “Drag Race”  who she still stays in touch with, and who she thinks could snatch the crown this season!

Tempest, we were so sorry to see you go first, what we saw of your looks and personality was amazing. When you are cast on such a popular and influential show as “RuPaul’s Drag Race” what’s it like?

RuPaulYou know, the process takes forever. It’s months and months, lots of interviews, a psychological exam, it really takes a long time and there’s a lot to it. When you finally get cast, it’s such a relief, it’s like you just want to know one way or the other! As Ru always says, it’s “the Olympics of Drag.” There’s a certain amount of excitement and a great amount of honor you feel to be part of it.

During your time on the show, what do you think was your favorite part of the whole experience? 

You know, I think entering the workroom for the first time was important; it’s really your chance to really make an impression, and I think I did that (Tempest entered the workroom in a blush pink number and promptly “popped out” a little DuJour upon entering!) For me, that was my moment to show who I was and what I did. 

What did you not like the most during your time on “Drag Race”?

I didn’t like that I really didn’t get to show the “complete Tempest”. My strengths lie comedy and acting and I didn’t really get to show that, and that was pretty disappointing. 

“Snatch Game” is always one of the most anticipated challenges during the season. Who would your “Snatch Game” character have been? 

 I was going to do Big Ang from “Mob Wives”. I love her!!

You’re one of the more seasoned queens from this year’s group of girls. How long have you been doing drag?

I’ve been doing it about eight or nine years, I started late. I’m actually the oldest contestant to ever be cast on “Drag Race” so I think life experience definitely works in my favor. I’m also the tallest contestant they’ve ever had! 

Do you think the other girls (particularly Kandy Ho during Episode 1) held your age against you? 

 You know, outside of the show and outside of drag, I’m a professor. I deal with kids all the time, so it doesn’t surprise me that a younger generation thinks they know more than me, I deal with that every day. I didn’t feel so much offended as I did want certain girls to stop flashing their ignorance in my face. 

Did you students know you were cast on the show? 

Absolutely, they found out when they revealed the cast. Other faculty and students come to my shows all the time, they know who I am, it’s so great!

 Now that Tempest DuJour has received national exposure, how do you want to take advantage of the platform you’ve been given?

 You know, I just want to keep pressing forward and keep showing people who I am. What I love to do is to get on the mic and get into the audience and interact. Lip synching is fine, but it’s such a small part of who I am. I want to keep moving, I have some great bookings coming up across the country so people can get the full experience of who Tempest DuJour is. 

You know, at the “lip synch for your life” is great, but I wish the show had a “here’s a mic and show what you can do” for your life”; I would have kicked some ass!

Are there any girls from this season’s cast that you stay in touch with? 

 Most of them really. I’m close with Mrs. Kasha Davis, we’re the “older girls” from this season, so we definitely have that. Trixie Mattel and I are close, and I love Sasha Belle and Katya too. Remarkably we got along very well as a cast. 

If you had to choose one of the ladies that you think could snatch the crown this year, who would it be? 

 You know it’s tough, this year everyone has such strengths in their own way. I would love to see a big girl win this season, a big girl has never won. A Jaidynn (Diorre Fierce) or a Ginger (Minj) who are both amazing. Then you have someone like a Kennedy (Davenport) who’s super polished and super seasoned, and Katya, who’s literally one of the funniest people I’ve ever met in my life. Everyone has their own story this time.

If you had to sum up how you’re feeling at this exact moment in one word, what would it be

One word at this moment?

 It would have to be loved. I feel love from my family, from my fans, from the “Drag Race” family, everyone. I feel so loved. 

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