“Drag Queen Story Hour” protests in NJ bring attention to intolerance

Hoboken, NJ City Council member Michael DeFusco
Hoboken, NJ City Council member Michael DeFusco

LGBT Caucus group in Hudson County says the protest was divisive

Members of the American Society for Defense of Tradition, Family and Property protested outside Little City Books in Hoboken recently. Inside, a drag queen story hour for children was taking place. The right-wing propaganda group stood outside the store, holding disparaging signs against the event.

“This kind of divisive language and intolerance has no place in Hoboken, Hudson County or anywhere in our country,” said chairman of the Hudson County Democratic Organization’s LGBT Caucus and Hoboken City Councilman Mike DeFusco. “We should be teaching children to embrace diversity and acceptance, not spreading hateful rhetoric that aims to set us back on the strides we have made to get closer to full equality. I am incredibly proud of all the Hoboken parents and families who took a stand against the intolerant actions of these protesters and hope we can join together for a community dialogue to discuss these prejudices and injustices.”

The protest isn’t something new. There have been similar protests against drag queen story hour taking place throughout the country. To counter the rhetoric, the Hudson County LGBT Caucus will be hosting a drag queen breakfast. At the event the entire community will be welcome.

The drag queen breakfast will kick off LGBT Pride Month and will be a way to promote inclusiveness and equality. It will be held on Saturday, June 1 from 10 am to noon at Roost Outpost, 55 First Street, Hoboken.