Documentary series “Trans in Trumpland” is an adventure

"Trans in Trumpland" poster
"Trans in Trumpland" poster

Watching this documentary feels like meeting long-lost cousins for the first time

Transwave films has released a dramatic documentary four part series. I found myself watching all four episodes back-to-back. Director Tony Zosherafatain and producer Jamie DiNicola, co-founders of Transwave, take on us on a trip across America. This trip is part adventure, part vision quest, part belief in the higher brain that has taken a back-seat in recent years to the limbic lizard-brain engaged strictly in survival.

For those of us who are still reeling from the shell-shock of four years of abuse of our psyches, the Trans In Trumpland stories of Ash, Rebecca, Evonné, and Shane are truly a balm, and it was natural for me to watch them as one.

Topic is the streaming service where you can find this important work, and while there are four episodes, there is a bonus thread—director and narrator Tony Zosherafatain whose story is shared in small, delightful tastes that have me feeling like I am part of the family Tony and Jamie have created. Watching this documentary feels like meeting long-lost cousins for the first time. For those of us who have the joy of trans friends and family, it is a family reunion. For those who have yet to know trans friends, the veil of mystery is lifted—we are all one.

Watch this work today, share it with YOUR chosen family and all you love. Vulnerability is strength.

Trans in Trumpland is available to US and Canadian audiences on Topic through and Topic channels through AppleTV & iOS, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android, and Amazon Prime Video Channels”

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