“Diamonds to Dust” will tell the tawdry story of actress Jayne Mansfield


Frank Ferruccio is a gay writer, actor and talent agent who was born and raised in the Princeton area of New Jersey. He has written two books, Diamonds to Dust and Did Success Spoil Jayne Mansfield? both based on the turbulent and tawdry life of Actress Jayne Mansfield.

For those of you who don’t know, Jayne Mansfield is the mother of actress Mariska Hargitay who stars in Law and Order SVU as Olivia Benson.

Frank Ferrucio
Frank Ferrucio

Ferrucio has embarked on his first feature film which is due out later this year. It is already doing the film festival circuit while shopping for a distributor. It will be featured in the Hoboken Film Festival in Middletown NY on Saturday, May 31 at 4 pm. The film Diamonds to Dust is based on the best selling book of the same name. It was filmed all around the state of New Jersey and New Hope PA and features a lot of local gay talent.

Ferruccio hired photographer Alan-Joseph to be the still photographer on the film and he actually makes his acting debut as famous newsman Walter Winchell. Female impersonator Jaymes Mansfield makes his film debut as Mae West as well as pulling double duty as the flamboyant character Gregg Tyler who was Mansfield’s drinking buddy and in-law. Popular Club Paradise male dancers James, Pedro and Al also are featured as Mae Wes’ muscle men.

"Diamonds to Dust" DVD cover
“Diamonds to Dust” DVD cover

Ferruccio searched high and low for an actress to “fit” Jayne Mansfield’s shoes as well as cup size—which was no easy task. After auditioning over 600 actresses Hailey Heisick was cast. Ferruccio says that Hailey was very similar to Jayne and was able to fit in Mansfield’s actual clothes which are used in the film. He said, “Miss Heisick’s performance as Jayne is nothing short of magical.” He feels that she deserves every major acting award there is.

Ferruccio’s business partner, NJ native, Rob Villano serves as director, cinematographer and editor. This is his directorial debut. Adrian Gorbaliuk stars as former Mr. Universe and Mansfield’s second husband Mickey Hargitay. Long Island native Mike Funk is the director and plays Jayne’s third husband Matt Cimber.

Hailey also gets to have fun with actor Rocco Palmieri—as Jayne’s last Boyfriend Sam Brody and New Jersey actor TJ Mcneil—as writer Jan Cremer. Actress Susan Capicotto portrays columnist May Mann and actress Lisa Henricks plays Mansfield’s eldest daughter Jayne-Marie.

Ferruccio says that Mansfield was already a gay icon when she died in 1967 and he made the film so she is not forgotten. She was married three times, had five children, made 29 films and was an international star before her death at age 34. He feels she deserves to have a movie made about her.

For more information about the film Diamonds to Dust please go to: diamondstodustthefilm.com  or facebook/diamondstodust.