Decades of dance defined with Cher

Cher "Burlesque remix" photo
Cher "Burlesque remix" photo
Cher’s top 10 dance remixes  

Every one of us has had a moment on the dance floor with a Cher remix track. Whether you were on the Studio 54 dance floor with “Take Me Home” or the Roxy dance floor with “Believe,” each and every one of us has a Cher track that defined a quintessential moment in our lives.

With Cher coming to the Borgata Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City today and Saturday, August 17-18, there was no better time to take a look back at some of the best remixes of this icon’s career. One thing they all have in common is that each and every one of them is a moment in the career of a legend.

“Take It Like A Man” (7th Heaven Remix)

Right off the bat, the Andrew Christian extended ad that was created for this track and remix was a stroke of absolute genius. It combined two things that gay men absolutely adore; Cher and Andrew Christian underwear; and made it into an extended underwear with our favorite diva providing the soundtrack. The track is one of Cher’s strongest recently. It has a message that every man can attest to, with a throbbing dance beat behind it. What more do we really want from Cher?

“All Or Nothing” (Danny Tenaglia International Mix)

Putting one of Cher’s most electric fantasy tracks in the hands of a worldwide dance music legend like Danny Tenaglia was a stroke of genius. He kept the genius of the track, as well as the haunting tone of her vocals. What he does do for the track is to slow down the BPM ever so slightly, keeping it very dance ready, but crafting it into a perfect early evening track.

“Believe” (Club 69 Future Mix)

What list of Cher’s most magical club remixes would be complete without “Believe.” During this time, Cher came roaring back into the public consciousness with a song that defined what an anthem would become in the world of dance music. In the hands of Club 69 (the dearly departed and much loved Peter Rauhofer) and crafting the track into an almost 10 minute experience. From lushly lengthened dance breaks, to bringing Cher’s vocals front and center, throughout the verses. Rauhofer has created a true masterpiece with this remix. The signature sound on “Believe” is what made his subsequent work with Cher so easily identifiable.

Cher & Lady Gaga — “The Greatest Thing” (Stop Me Release Me Mix)

While this remix is not official, the remix of the never released collaboration between Cher and Lady Gaga, appropriately titled “The Greatest Thing” (StopMe Release Me Mix) gives us a hint into what this dream team could have brought to the dance floors. Word is, Gaga was not happy with how the final cut came out in the studio. She asked that it not be included. Thankfully, we have gotten a slamming mix of the track, giving each of these dynamic performers equal time to showcase their talents.

“One By One” (Junior Vasquez Radio Mix)

This is an epic creation by the equally legendary Junior Vasquez. in the days of Arena at New York City’s much missed Palladium, this song was played at the height of the evening. It creates an almost magical event on the dance floor. So much so, this track helped catapult Cher onto the dance floor charts, encouraging her to work with a variety of DJ’s in the decades to come. The verse after the bridge on this track remains a quintessential dance floor moment of it’s era.

Cher “Paradise Is Here” (Junior’s Arena Anthem)

After her success with Junior Vasquez on the monumental “One By One,” Cher headed back into the studio to recreate the sublimely downtempo “Paradise Is Here” with Vasquez. It was turned into a deep house moment with a crescendo of Cher’s stunning vocals on the chorus. While the track received some tribal mixes on this package, this mix was the standout. It received a great deal of play on the dance floor of Paradise itself in Asbury Park. It is cemented as a standard that the men need to hear to kick off the night.

Cher “Love So High” (Tony Moran’s Unreleased Private Remix)

Some of Cher’s unreleased remixed tracks are on a par with the ones that are made commercially available. The remix that the always amazing Tony Moran did for “Love So High” that he played exclusively at his events, is the definition of the word “epic.” From dramatic drops to anthemic verses leading to a hands-in-the-air chorus, this is what we have all come to expect from a mixmaster like Moran and a performance icon like Cher.

“Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore” (Junior’s Private Mix)

Once again, Junior Vasquez puts his magic touch on a Cher track. This one is an almost unreleased version of “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore” that was played at Arena back in the mid 90’s extensively. While it was released on a Junior Vasquez compilation cd a number of years ago, the track certainly deserves it’s own moment in the (pardon the pun) sun. The opulently orchestral transformation of this track in the hands of Vasquez is sheer genius. The beats tend to veer towards dub territory. And it’s the chorus that turns it into a classic Vasquez and Cher anthem. It makes the entire almost seven minute experience a moment of haunting dance floor genius.

“You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me” (Dave Aude Club Mix)

In the past few years, Cher has managed to emerge from the shadows (or “retirement,”) and give us the exact kind of music we have come to expect from her. With  “You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me” from the camp-tastic Burlesque, we got a subtle mix from the always consistently fantastic Dave Aude. But it still has that signature Aude flair for the dance floor. The chorus is one of the best Cher has given us in a while. And the content of the song, while crafted as a ballad, is a pointed and direct message to her detractors; our favorite Dark Lady is going nowhere.

“Fernando” (Barry Harris Club Mix)

Which brings us to today,  as Cher embarks on her latest career incarnation of reinterpreting the songs of ABBA. Her rendition of “Fernando” from Mamma Mia 2 received the remix treatment from the incomparable Barry Harris. How it took this long for Cher to be partnered up with these disco classics is beyond me. The pairing is a music dream come true. Between the classic material of Abba to Harris’ recreation of her lush ballad rendition of “Fernando” into a true tea dance anthem, this track is going to make each of us eagerly anticipate the next ABBA classic she takes on. Heavy word says….”Mamma Mia?”

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