Dark City Mermen bring the boys out of the Atlantic for 2020 calendar

Dark City Mermen
Dark City Mermen is a men’s lifestyle brand created to support the local LGBTQ community in Asbury Park.

2020 calendar supports local LGBTQ community

Dark City MermenCreating a new business can be a daunting task, but when you have an amazing group of creative individuals working to make your vision come to life, your vision is sure to be realized in the most stunning way possible. That is exactly what has happened with Dark City Mermen, direct from the minds of Asbury Park residents and husbands Jimmy Berry and Celal Ismet. This men’s lifestyle brand was created to support the local LGBTQ community in Asbury Park. Their 2020 Mermen calendar is a certifiable smash.

How did the idea for the Dark City Mermen come to fruition? 

Jimmy Berry: The idea for Dark City Mermen came from a group of men out of Newfoundland, Canada, who produce an enormously successful calendar for charity. It featured husky, bearded guys dressed as mermen, so I wanted to produce something similar using Asbury Park as a backdrop to raise money for local charities.

Dark City MermenHow much of your home of Asbury Park is part of the influence of Dark City Mermen? 

JB: Asbury Park is the major influence of DCM. Music, art and a unique history is the foundation of this city, creative people are drawn here as a safe haven to honor their crafts. It is the perfect venue for the Dark City Mermen.

What do you think it is about Asbury Park that fosters creative people willing to take the leap to launch their own brand? 

JB: AP is the perfect location to develop new and unique business opportunities. There is a tight-knit community who are very supportive of new ideas and locally grown ventures.

What are some of your favorite parts of living in this community and being a part of it? 

JB: The LGBTQ community is an extremely crucial part of the “Asbury Park rebirth.”  Being a part of that movement and seeing AP rise from the ashes over the past 10-20 years has been amazing.  Local businesses are thriving and people are flocking here in the summers. Just a decade ago there was nothing. It is and will always be the epicenter of gay New Jersey. DCM is honored to be a part of giving back to that community.

Dark City Mermen