Dancing with the Devil by Taylor Siluwe



The difference between pornography and eroticism is the difference between a rubber dildo and a marble statue from ancient Greece in the Metropolitan Museum. Both involve graphic depictions of male genitalia but the former does no more than excite lust while the latter exalts the beauty of the human form and engenders a range of emotions covering a spectrum of the human experience. Thus it is with Taylor Siluwè’s masterpiece of erotic storytelling.  These are stories that move the reader into worlds few of us have experienced—and yet all of us have experienced: worlds of gritty urban streets, passionate hunger for love, for sex, for drugs, for the ultimate connection to the “chiaroscuro object of desire.”

Dancing With The Devil is a work of dark brilliance, an emotional experience that can leave the reader with the hollow emptiness that follows intense passion and explosive lust for a lover who will take you to ecstatic heights, then destroy you.