Coronavirus can’t cancel Céline Dion

Céline Dion in long pink dress
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Prior to the encore, Céline performs a remarkable 11-minute medley

Celine Dion on stage
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Following an unsurpassable 16-year run, which entailed 1,141 performances to more than 4.5 million fans, Céline Dion closed the curtain on her memorable Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace in June 2019. Never one to disappoint, after more than a decade tour hiatus, Céline surprised fans by embarking on the Courage World Tour later in 2019. The tour may be extended due to the March 24th – April 27th dates being rescheduled in lieu of the Coronavirus pandemic. It marks Céline’s fourteenth concert tour.

The tour supports Céline’s twelfth studio album, Courage, which topped the charts upon release.

Following a very strong pre-sale demand, Céline added additional shows to her roster, resulting in two back-to-back weekend performances at Newark’s Prudential Center earlier this month. Moreover, leave it to an LGBTQ icon of Céline’s status to be the final performance of the month at Prudential Center before the venue announced its postponement of all events in lieu of the Coronavirus pandemic. Clearly, Coronavirus could not cancel Céline.

She left us in awe from the first performance of “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now,” to the encore of “My Heart Will Go On,” followed by a cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine.” In what is quite possibly her best setlist to date, Céline incorporates her older hits with her best new material.” The first third of the setlist features some of the most recognizable material, as Céline effortlessly moves from “That’s the Way It Is,” to “I’m Alive,” to “If You Asked Me To.”

Celine Dion on the beach wearing a pink dress
Press Photo Credit: Sony Music Entertainment

Vocally, Céline is at her best yet! The added detail to elements such as attire, personified by one sophisticated look after another, in conjunction with visuals—ala drones—emulating water, stars, etc. makes for a flawless two-hour show. As Céline approaches halfway through her setlist, some of the standouts include her nostalgic performance of “Beauty and the Beast,” as well as her impeccable performance of “The Prayer.” She more than makes up for the absence of Andrea Bocelli.

Prior to the encore, Céline performed a remarkable eleven-minute medley of covers including “Let’s Dance,” “Another One Bites the Dust,” “Kiss,” “River Deep/Mountain High” and “Lady Marmalade,” bringing all 20,000 attendees out of their seats and dancing in unison.

Despite selling over 250 Million albums worldwide, Céline still displays humility and candid humor as she interacts with fans throughout the show, from sharing behind the scenes secrets to the highs and lows experienced at the time of recording songs in her setlist, fast forward decades later and Céline is still on top.

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