Cops continue harassment of Queer SOS Vigil


Three Queer SOS! Vigil Participants Receive “Disorderly Conduct” Summons

At approximately 8 AM two police officers from New York’s precinct 13 drove up to the Queer SOS! Vigil outside New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s campaign office at 15 W. 26th St in Manhattan on October 26. The officers questioned the three vigil participants who had been camped out overnight heading into the vigils’ 30th day. The vigil participants, Iana Di Bona, Joe Birdsong and Alan Bounville were all given a summons for Disorderly Conduct and told to appear in criminal court on January 5, 2011. This follows Mr. Bounville’s previous arrest for holding a banner at the vigil site – an act the police called “erecting a structure.”