“Commitment to Life” is an important movie contribution about the early history of the HIV epidemic

DVD cover of "Commitment To Life" movie
DVD cover of "Commitment To Life" movie

Commitment to Life is a documentary history of the HIV/AIDS epidemic from a Los Angeles perspective. It begins in the early 1980s when a strange, unknown illness begins to spread in the gay men’s community.

The movie chronicles the Los Angeles response from the development of the AIDS Project Los Angeles to the Black community’s response. It also highlights the Catch One disco which helped the Minority AIDS project.

The glitz and glitter of Hollywood were well represented in the film by the stars, most notably Elizabeth Taylor. Several Commitment to Life galas, a major fundraiser, were shown with their parade of stars.

The film clips and interviews were quite well done. As such, it is an important contribution to the history of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

The film was directed and edited by Jeffrey Schwarz. The film is set to premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on February 11, 2023. More information is available from the movie website.

Karen Rappaport
Karen Rappaport screens films for the Teaneck Film Festival and follows LGBTQ film festivals across the country. She is a retired college professor who now volunteers for a several LGBTQ organizations. She lives in northern NJ with her partner of 50+ years and their two cats.