COMMENTARY – Dead Things and Pig Bottoms at the Republican National Convention


So many interesting and amusing things came to light during the Republican convention. Among them was the now infamous photo of Sarah Palin and her daughter standing over a caribou they had just massacred.

I’m sure you all know that my only allegiance is to restrained good taste, which is why I could never be a Republican. Posing for photos while drenched in gore and fondling the carcass of a large animal with its entire throat blown away does seem, somehow, unladylike. Am I quaint in my judgments? Personally, I wouldn’t dream of wearing anything as hopelessly tacky as Barbara Bush’s plastic pearls, let alone the ropes of caribou entrails that will now no doubt be the hot fashion in the Right Wing. The thing I just don’t understand about that picture of our Ms. Palin and her unfortunate quarry is how on earth is she going to get the mounted head into her trailer?