COMMENTARY- Casting Aspersions – Is Martha Stewart a terrorist?


On June 21, news reports informed us that the United Kingdom, it’s security services on high alert, had successfully prevented the entry of a major criminal – a person who could have wrought who knows what sort of incalculable damage, had she evaded the vigilance of the Oxbridge Old Boys at MI5.

You doubtless assume we are talking about a Muslim terrorist or a suicide bomber intent on blowing up Buckingham Palace – but no, it’s far worse than that.  We are talking about someone who could shake the very foundations of church and state – someone who could, as she has already done here in the U.S., start a new religion that would sweep away the very nature of family and home life as it has evolved in common practice. In short, someone who, had she evaded Britain’s faithful corps of border watchers, could have changed everything. We are talking about Martha Stewart.