Come ‘Out and Sea’ Atlantic City’s Chelsea neighborhood

Atlantic City Chelsea neighborhood rainbow

LGBTQ community invited to tour and discover on April 22

The Chelsea Economic Development Corporation (Chelsea EDC) is inviting the LGBTQ community to “Come Out and Sea” Atlantic City’s Chelsea neighborhood and discover the many reasons this community is emerging as one of the ideal home investment areas for LGBTQ homeowners at the Jersey Shore. 

On Friday, April 22, 2022, a “Pride in Home Ownership Tour they are calling “Come Out and Sea” will show attendees the up-and-coming Chelsea neighborhood. There will be presentations by Atlantic City LGBTQ community members providing details on real estate deals and financial incentives for homebuyers.

The tour will include a complimentary happy hour at the Noyes Arts Garage of Stockton University with local international food offerings, live entertainment and a chance to visit and experience Tropicana Casino complex. The trop is Atlantic City’s LGBTQ-friendly nightlife and adult entertainment scene and will provide free admission to Boogie Nights. The Trop will provide an optional stay at the Casino Hotel with discounted room rates.   

The Chelsea neighborhood is situated between Atlantic City’s pristine beach and the expansive bay. It includes the World-Famous Boardwalk, Stockton University’s new campus and Tropicana Atlantic City, with its 24/7 gay-friendly nightlife.

Chelsea is a multicultural community and is home to hundreds of independently owned, culturally diverse businesses. There are dozens of international restaurants in the neighborhood and it boasts the most diversified neighborhood economy in Atlantic City.   

Home ownership is currently possible for less than $300,000 in Chelsea. The area is primed for economic revitalization says the Chelsea EDC. In the neighborhood is Stockton University’s newest campus and planned student housing facilities. Chelsea is home to a business district that anchors the regional headquarters of South Jersey Gas, as well as world-class gaming, hospitality, entertainment and culinary offerings. With its natural amenities, bayside, and seaside living, historic inns, restaurants, parks, and an idyllic residential neighborhood, Chelsea is one of the Jersey Shore’s best-kept secrets.   

Michelle Tomko, an award-winning comedian
Atlantic City Chelsea neighborhood resident Michelle Tomko, an award-winning comedian and Atlantic City LGBTQ community ambassador.

“Where else can you walk to the ocean, world-class dining, schools, clubs, A-list entertainment, the ocean and a Ferris wheel from your own affordable home?” asks Chelsea resident Michelle Tomko, an award-winning comedian and Atlantic City LGBTQ community ambassador. “Businesses are welcoming. There is a queer liaison in City Hall. There are allies in the community. From the top down, Atlantic City is committed to inclusion.” 

While providing a chance for attendees to discover all that Chelsea has to offer, the “Pride in Home Ownership Tour – Come Out and Sea” event will also afford attendees a glimpse at other unique neighborhoods in Atlantic City. The bus tour will include meet-and-greets with restaurant, bar and other business owners in the hip Orange Loop district, bayside Historic Gardner’s Basin and revitalized North Beach cultural hub.  

To discover why Chelsea is positioned to become one of the most desirable locations to live in the Jersey Shore region, register for the “Pride in Home Ownership Tour,” being presented by Chelsea EDC by clicking here.