Come home to Atlantic City

Atlantic City beach looking south toward the Steel Pier
Atlantic City photo by Bruce Emmerling

Atlantic City is growing with future residents, visitors, and neighborhoods in mind

Good things are happening in Atlantic City as the city gets back it’s vibe and returns to basics. The city is commonly referred to as AC by the locals and it has a long and storied history. Many of those stories revolve around the LGBTQ community.

When gays were forced down back alleys, AC was the only East Coast vacation destination where closeted queers could venture and find what they truly wanted. A safe place, surrounded by like-minded men and women who cast no judgment on the other.

In the early 1900s, Louise’s Entertainer’s Club opened on Westminster Avenue, also known as ‘Snake Alley.’ This back alley eventually grew into a surrounding gayborhood of many bars, hotels, eateries, businesses, rooming houses, and opportunities for gay travelers and residents alike.

In the 1980s land speculators came, and all of the local gayborhood virtually disappeared and many other neighborhoods changed. The gayborhood was knocked down and faded away. But Atlantic City remained an accepting town, with many gays evolving as visible members of the fabric of the town.

AC still offers the kind of nightlife which made it famous. Today, gay entertainment is spilling into formally straight venues. As a local or a visitor you have the opportunity to stay out 24/7 — or relax on the beach and do nothing at all. Atlantic City is an incredibly diverse city of 40,000 residents representing most nationalities.

Today AC is growing once again. Future residents, visitors, and neighborhoods are jumping on the opportunity to reinvent the vacation mecca into what they want. Like a small global village wrapped around a big city, they’re prepared to make it happen.

AC is inviting the LGBTQ community to a citywide open house on Friday, April 22nd, 2022 (see Eventbrite link). You will discover there’s a lot more than you see in the headlines happening. The good news is starting to tip the scales, and you can be part of it.

There is both large and small development everywhere. And Atlantic City is one of the few shore towns on the entire Atlantic coast where you can still afford to buy a house to call home. The community and city invite you to come spend the day and see for yourself, then party into the night at Boogie Nights inside the Tropicana complex.