College Cops Can’t Cope With Gay Kisses



By Out In Jersey


At Noon on February 18th, the fearsome specter of love breaking out all over drove Mercer County College cops into a tizzy. The campus student LGBT organization held a “Kiss In” in the college quad and dining hall to raise awareness of queer presence and the right to display affection openly just as straight couples do. The event was sanctioned by the Student Government (SGA) in the duly approved and usual manner of student activities. This didn’t seem to matter to campus security however, with officers doing everything they could think of to interfere with and intimidate the students. Officers quickly discovered however, that the students were not going to be ‘good little boys and girls’ who do as they are told when what they’re being told is to forego the basic human right of showing affection for people they care about – in other words, a public kiss. The kisses happened and at last report, the world didn’t end and Western Civilization did not collapse. Read the full story of the confrontation at: