Clairvoyant Jersey girl April Busset brings magic to Halloween

Will Loschiavo and psychic April Busset
Will Loschiavo and psychic April Busset

Busset began performing readings during her teens – long before The Holzer Files

April Busset on Travel Channel “The Holzer Files”

April Busset is a Jersey girl through and through. A natural-born clairvoyant, psychic medium, shaman, and ghost hunter with remote viewing capabilities. Busset began performing readings during her teens before making it a professional career six years ago. After appearing on Travel Channel’s The Holzer Files, April quickly developed a roster of celebrity clientele and regularly appears at New Jersey ParaUnity, Gettysburg Battlefield Bash, and the most famous haunted locations all over the United States, performing readings and giving lectures. I spoke with Busset and she discussed all things Halloween. 

When did you realize you had this gift, and how did you come to terms with it?

April Busset: My father died when I was two, my mother remarried when I was four, and we moved to Little Ferry, [New Jersey]. I was in my bedroom with my sister sleeping. I got woken up in the middle of the night to my deceased dad, who began talking to me. While I never saw him again after that, he brought in every spirit within a ten-mile radius to me (laughs).

As you got older, did it become more intense? When did you realize this gift was not going away?

AB: When I was younger, I was able to see entities clearly, and it was scary at times. Growing up, I would always sleep in my brother’s room, and for some reason, they could not pass the threshold of his room, so it became my safe space.

But for a long time, a tall man would appear and inflict fear into me. It got physical at times, and I had welts on me. At the same time, good spirits would come through to protect me, including who I later discovered was my stepfather’s brother, who was killed at war. My family could not see anything, yet they would feel it because they would be grabbed and tripped, and we would fight.

The house was 150 years old and always in my stepfather’s family. By the time I was in my teens, the negative encounters and intensity began to dissipate. However, even if I could not see spirits, I could still pick up messages.

At what point did you decide to make your gift a career? 

AB: I only started doing this professionally six years ago. That is when I came out of the broom closet (laughs). I was always helping people by doing readings pro bono. People began hearing about my gift, started reaching out for help. When I started doing this as a business, I did not want anybody to see me. I did not want people to know because I was afraid people would make fun of me, which my gay friends have all told me are the same trepidations they experienced when coming out. This eventually changed when I left my job in politics, where I worked for the administrator then the chief of police. I did not want to deal with the office politics anymore. 

When did your career begin to take off?

AB: Once I appeared on Travel Channel’s The Holzer Files, my career really began to explode. I started reading celebrities, which is how I met you, through Kim D of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Then came an influx of bookings for dozens of paracon and haunted hotel events throughout the country. Currently, I am filming a new television series which will air on a streaming service next year.  

How often are homes genuinely haunted, and what are the odds they are good vs. evil spirits?

AB: Wherever I go, I can pull a spirit out of everywhere. Before I became well known, people would contact me to clear their home. Spirits won’t always leave, and I can’t make them leave, but I can help them cross over. Spirits are often dormant, and there are various kinds of spirits. 

Let’s get into the good first: Differentiate angels from spirit guides.

AB: The angels typically don’t work with us directly. They are taking care of big shit. We all have spirit guides. Spirit guides can be deceased loved ones; however, usually, they are protective spirits who have been with us since birth. We also pick up more along the way in life.

Then, you have earthbound spirits who did not cross over. They are afraid of the light, so to speak. They are afraid to cross over in fear they will no longer be able to see their loved ones. However, this is not the case and is, in fact, the opposite. The deceased who cross over can still come back, visit us, and are gifted with more abilities. 

What are shadow people, and are they that big of a deal?

AB: They can be. Shadow figures come in different forms, but they are all dark. Firstly, clutter causes chaos and is not good because it is negative static energy. Everything is energy. Usually, people who are negative are having a hard time in their lives, they start feeling sluggish, and the negativity starts falling off them and becomes an entity.

Secondly, you have the real shadow figures, which are borderline demonic, albeit they are not demons. These are scary as hell and blacker than black. They are usually around where there is a lot of spirit activity, are going to be attracted to psychic mediums, and they don’t like lightworkers doing their work because they want people down to feed off their negative energy.

Spiritual possession has been depicted in movies for decades. How common is it, how does it happen, and how can readers protect themselves?

AB: It is not very common! People are so afraid of this because of Hollywood. Some cases are also fake. Shamans and Catholic priests are the only ones who can perform exorcisms. Did you ever notice when you are going through a bad time, you tend to get sick? This is because you are vulnerable to illness.

Similarly, you are also vulnerable to predatory entities. When you are going through a rough patch, do not go to psychics, haunted locations, investigations, etc. Just heal yourself, get better, and stay protected spiritually. 

How do you stay protected spiritually? 

AB: Start by clearing your mind of negative thoughts, avoid getting caught up in drama, develop a healthy lifestyle. Meditate, burn sage, carry protective amulets; there are many things you can do. The brighter your house, the better. Demons and dark spirits hate anything light. Numbers hold frequency, so write down the number 8 and put it in your wallet to manifest financial prosperity. 

I have read everyone is smudging incorrectly. What is the proper way to sage? 

AB: Begin on the lowest floor, in the most eastern room, starting in the left corner of that room. Then go upstairs and repeat. At every corner, use the smoke to put the sign of the cross, a heart, whatever symbol you deem protective. After you are done smudging, open the windows and/or doors and release the negative energy. 

What are the do’s and don’ts of salt? 

AB: Never enclose your house in salt! Until a house is completely cleansed, salt seals whatever is in them, which can include negative energy and spirits. Without realizing it, you just entrapped yourself, created a spell, and now need someone like me to come in and undo this. I recommend first cleansing your house with sage then placing black salt in the corners of every room. You can also carry black salt on you. 

April Busset Celebrating Birthday Bottagra in Hawthorne NJ

Are crystals a gimmick or the real deal?

AB: Crystals indeed have spiritual properties. When you hold a crystal, you can feel the energy emanating from it. Crystals magnify the intention you put into it which is why it is important to understand the meaning and utilization of each crystal.

I prefer to cleanse crystals by putting them in a Ziplock bag and out during a new moon and/or full moon. Never ever put your crystals out during an eclipse because eclipses are erratic, and you do not want to magnify this energy. 

Many people who are not familiar with the paranormal field lump all professions together. Please explain the difference between astrology, numerology, clairvoyance, mediumship, psychometry, palmistry, remote viewing, and witchcraft. 

AB: An astrologer is essentially a mathematician who studies the planets as well as individuals in correlation with where planets were positioned at the exact date, time, and location of their birth. A numerologist studies the mystical significance of numbers which hold their own frequency. A clairvoyant has the supernatural ability to hear, see, feel, and/or know. A medium communicates with those who have crossed over and are no longer living. A psychometrist can hold an object, feed off residual energy, and receive visions. A palm reader can read based upon the details of your palm. A remote viewer can be anywhere in the world and mentally zone in on a location to access information, whether it be in the past or present. A witch can be male or female, a warlock is a made-up Hollywood name, and Wicca, for example, works with the earth. There are light and dark elements of witchcraft, albeit it is not always white nor black.

Magic always boils down to the intention of the witch. The Rule of Three applies in witchcraft in that whatever you cast out, be it good or bad, will come back to you multiplied by three. 

What do you think about those who try to cast black magic, curses, evil eyes, hexes, jinxes, etc.? 

AB: If you let this get in your head because you know it is happening, it will take over you and is all in your mind. Even if it affects you temporarily, it will still go back to the sender and is ultimately not worth it.

Black magic always comes with a price, and your life is not going to be good. You will have a chance to get out of it and make up for your bad decisions. However, you can’t mess with somebody else’s life path without it affecting you because this has consequences. It all comes down to energy. 

Karma: some people believe it doesn’t exist, while others believe you get what you give. What is your philosophy?

AB: It happens, it just doesn’t happen as fast as you want it to. The people who are waiting for karma to take place are still bitter within themselves. Once you start to move on and forget about it, you are releasing that energy, and in turn, when you release the baggage, karma takes place.

You need to release those toxins from your body first. Why should you carry around their bad energy? If it’s too hard, burn a return to sender candle, and let it all go. 

Return to sender? Tell us more. 

AB: I do not perform black magic. I will never wish bad upon anyone. However, I will send whatever is put upon me back to the sender. With this candle, you want to take whatever bad was put on you and return it to the sender(s). 

What can you teach us about candle magic? 

AB: Every color of a candle has purpose. White is for cleansing; black is for removal of negativity, pink is for love, red is for passion, green is for money, etc. You can dress candles with certain oils as well as hold the candle before you light it to set your intentions. Spells may work, yet they do not last, so you can’t control other people without it affecting you. It is best to perform general spells for love, wealth, and so forth rather than targeting someone or something specific. This keeps your options open and your karma clear. 

Do you believe in the Law of Attraction?

AB: I follow the Law of Attraction and the Law of Assumption. Our words are our spells. Thus, what we say and put out into the universe comes back to us. We have complete control of our lives; however, we must believe it to reap the results.

Use meditation to ground yourself and clear your mind, then set your intention of what you want, and make this habitual. Keep in mind things take time, so don’t get disappointed if something does not happen overnight. Remember, you can’t taste the sweet without the sour.  

There has been extensive research done on frequencies which indicate various frequencies hold certain health benefits whereas others do not. Can you elaborate on frequencies? 

AB: There are different colored frequencies. White noise and purple noise are the highest, whereas brown noise is the lowest. I suggest readers follow Solfeggio frequencies. There are nine frequencies which you can listen to depending upon what you are going through. These are 174 Hz, 285 Hz, 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz, 852 Hz, and 963 Hz. 

April Busset will be at at MASS ParaCon from November 4-6, 2022 in Massachusetts.

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