Civil Rights should never have to wait


Governor disses the LGBT community

Governor Corzine has informed us that marriage equality will have to take a back seat until after 2009. We’re sorry, Governor, but that is unacceptable. We were told “right after the Presidential election.” Before that we were told it was not a question of “if” but of “when.” Pardon a descent to expletives but WTF!?! (And you should all know what those letters stand for.)

No community in this state worked harder or more enthusiastically for the Democratic Party in the last election. Virtually every single LGBT person in New Jersey (and there are a lot of us) voted Democrat. We worked, we donated and we voted and now we are being sent around to the back door like poor relations with a begging bowl? We don’t think so! We are, in a word, outraged.

Listen up, Governor—we are talking directly to you. You made promises—you need to keep them. You need to do that both for our sake and for the sake of your own reputation as a man of integrity.