Cirque du Soleil – Toruk is over the top

Toruk from Cirque du Soleil
"Toruk" from Cirque du Soleil

With the death defying leaps, the awesome backdrops of color, the amazing artists and athletes, and the breath taking dream state the performers of Cirque du Soleil put you in; the artists once again prove they are over the top extreme athletes.

Since my now twenty-year-old daughter was a child, I have been anxiously awaiting each year’s performance of Cirque du Soleil, and I would love to tell you that Toruk didn’t disappoint, and it didn’t. What did disappoint was the venue

"Toruk" from Cirque du Soleil
“Toruk” from Cirque du Soleil

If you are seeing the show for the first time, then you will be entertained and enthralled. If you have seen other shows, you might be left with a sense of lost intimacy, but you will still be entertained. Because it wasn’t contained in their trademark tent, the audience felt to me, like… just a crowd of people watching a show, rather than being drawn into a magical dream.

The show was beautiful with the various shades of blue, and filled the stadium with gibberish and acrobatics that Cirque performers are known and loved for; there was not a time that I was not amused and enthralled

The Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, which is usually the home of NBA basketball games and large capacity concerts was simply too big for Cirque du Soleil to translate the intimacy and brilliance that it is known for.

The show Toruk is a gem in the Cirque repertoire, so I hope you will give this show a chance, it is still the one and only show of its kind in the world, and continues to be, in my opinion, the greatest show on earth.