“Chrissy Judy” is a lovely tale full of drag queens and friendship

DVD cover of the movie "Chrissy Judy"
DVD cover of the movie "Chrissy Judy"

Living the life you want while also not forgetting about true friends can be a hard thing to balance. A lot of us are busy working and sometimes are focusing on our romantic connections. At times that can, unfortunately, make us lose sight of the importance of real friends that truly care.

Chrissy Judy is a tale of two long-time buddies, who go by their drag names, Chrissy and Judy. When Chrissy ends up leaving New York City for a new boyfriend the drag show ends abruptly. It ends a joyful drag show they have been doing for a long time and Judy is faced with some difficult feelings.

These young men ultimately end up going on their own self-discovery journeys.

What stands out most in this film is the message it so vividly portrays about the importance of friendship. Chrissy moving away from his best friend so suddenly really has a hurtful effect, even though it was unintentional. The film Chrissy Judy does a good job of showing the hurt we can sometimes cause the people in our lives by forgetting the importance of the connection we share.

There was beauty in the film that came out of the separation these two friends are forced to endure.

It is nice to see a film shows that sometimes going through pain can teach us important and valuable lessons. All of the actors do a great job of giving intimate performances that are filled with vulnerability. Wyatt Fenner as Chrissy especially gives a heartfelt performance. His portrayal of Chrissy’s journey on screen was full of excellence.

At times the film is a little slow. The heartfelt nature and theme regarding the importance of friends, especially when being in the LGBTQ community, keeps Chrissy Judy bolstered and from ever coming off as boring. It really is a sweet tale of appreciating those friends we have and that was such a beautiful and inspiring thing to see played out throughout the film.

While by no means an amazing or groundbreaking movie, Chrissy Judy is still a movie worth your time to check out. It is a great journey to take with these two buddies while reminding us all that friends really are one of life’s most beautiful gifts.

4/5 stars