Cher with a brand new boxed set of Oh! My! Cher!

The best of Cher cover art
The Best of Cher

The blast from the past Cher shows are brilliant

The Best Of Cher pictured items in box set
The Best Of Cher Box Set

Jack McFarland is vibrating in his 2X-ist boxer briefs—a brand new boxed set of Oh! My! Cher! has just been released, and The Best of Cher is perfect for holiday giving, from Christma-Chanu-Kwanzaa-Kah to Diwali to Festivus.

By the numbers, there are more than 15 hours of content here. The Best of Cher includes 10 episodes of the iconic TV show, 9 discs, exclusive interviews, Bob Mackie costumes and sketches, not one but two amazing Vegas concerts, and a Look Book including sketches of Mackie’s designs among a cavalcade of features.

The blast from the past shows are brilliant, and I LOVED the Vegas pageantry!

Whether you remember the early days of Sonny & Cher or have come to Cher appreciation more recently, this is something you must-have for your library! And, let’s be honest, doesn’t the mere mention of “Cher” send a thrill through you.

From the 1960s to the present, Cher is original, modern, and a shining example of how to create art past, present, and future.

Get your copy of The Best Of Cher at Get it now, before everyone ELSE remembers the holidays, and you’re giving an IOU. Jack McFarland may be “Just JACK,” now YOU can have an Icon, Cher!