Tips for gay and lesbian real estate buyers

REAL ESTATE - Location is everything, so how do you find gay communities in New Jersey and elsewhere“Location, location, location” can sometimes be a...

NOM nasties are neutered

The National Organization for Marriage is "Exposed."  As the National Organization for Marriage, or NOM, embarks on a fall election campaign to defeat candidates who support marriage...

Where Wolf? THERE Wolf! Lundoff’s “Silver Moon” soars

book review:

My first thought was not "Go, Team Jacob!" but rather a remembrance of Clarissa Pinkola Estes groundbreaking book "Women Who Run With the Wolves." "Silver Moon," the latest release by Catherine Lundoff from Lethe Books, is a worthy companion volume in taking the sense of gathering power many women feel as the enter the last phase of the mythic triumvirate before modern religion: the Maid, the Matron and the Crone.

Refuting the fundies on U.S. History

An Historical AnalysisAmong the most often heard objections to marriage equality in particular, are claims made by religious fundamentalists that the United States is...

Lifting the veil on depression in Black Gay men

Addressing a taboo subject in the Black gay community On Friday, Apr 30, according to a New York daily, New York Daily News, a...

Southern NJ Gay Pride is this week

The sixth annual Southern New Jersey LGBTQA Pride will welcome its first headliner Monica Beverly Hills from "RuPaul's Drag Race" to the new pride festival location in Pennsauken this year. The Rock the Rainbow Pride Picnic will take place from noon-6 pm on Sunday, Sept. 15.

Smart fun from Edison Valley Playhouse

Edison alley Playhouseshow review.

Betty doesn't like being called "white trash." She works on her tan year round so that she's not white anything. Lin's husband is on death row so she keeps all of her lights on, hoping there will not be enough power to execute him. Pickles is in a constant state of hysterical pregnancy. Jeannie hasn't stepped left her trailer, still traumatized by the kidnapping of her baby decades earlier.

Biggest mistake – such a revelation!

NJ State Senator Steve Sweeneyextra editorial.

This past June saw the dramatic confession of state senate majority leader Stephen Sweeney that his decision to abstain from voting in favor of marriage equality was “the biggest mistake of my career.” If we are intended to think this volte- face is the consequence of some sort of epiphany of love we must beg pardon for a cynicism born of many years of listening to politicians. 

Obama Administration Adds Gender Identity to EEO Policy

New Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Adds Gender Identity The Obama administration has listed gender identity as a protected class by federal Equal Employment Opportunity...

Cyberbullying conference in January at George Street Playhouse

Rainbow Family graphicGeorge Street Playhouse in New Brunswick will host a conference on cyberbullying on Jan. 10, starting at 9:30 a.m. The event will provide parents, teachers, guidance counselors and school administrators with effective strategies to recognize and address cyberbullying in the lives of their students. With so much attention on the issue of late, the education department at the playhouse will also sponsor further programs in this area later in the spring.

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