The ‘Funny Girl’ returns!

Screen comeback, being a gay icon, and her own guilt trip:  

Barbra Streisand takes center stage, but she's not busting out "The Way We Were." Not today, anyway.

The legend is promoting her first major film in 16 years at the Four Seasons Los Angeles. Her hair is perfectly coiffed and— dressed in her usual all-black attire— she's got the off-the-shoulder look going on.

Update: Mahdi Kazemi is safe – for now

Online and in the April-May issue of the magazine “The world Outside New Jersey” tells about the effort to help activists in the U.K....

40 great years together and still strong

February is supposed to be all about love and valentines, and it is great to have a special time for that, but the more than four-decade relationship of New Jersey couple John and Ernie Rivera-Ramos proves that love and commitment can work all the days of the year. John's description of their first meeting shows that romantic element of love at first sight:

Argentina to Legalize Gay Marriage

Argentina may be the first country in Latin America to grant same sex couples the same legal rights and protections that marriage gives to heterosexual...

GLBTQ online High School launches

New school is fully accredited for gay students The on-line revolution has now reached out to help LGBT youth who are in need...

Antigay groups get lavish, secret funding

Rainbow Burned flagnews analysis.

With survey after survey showing that support for LGBT equality has reached majority levels in many parts of the country, the opposition–primarily fundamentalist religion-based organizations–is gearing up for a counteroffensive. Major funding will be made available over the next two years for a plan called “Ignite an Enduring Cultural Transformation,” focusing on getting antigay marriage amendments passed, along with curtailing abortion rights and even banning transgender bathrooms.

Ryan White Program Extended Four Years

HIV/AIDS Program approved by Congress and Obama Administration   October 31, 2009 - President Obama extended the Ryan White program for another four...

Gay marriage, now or never!

EDITORIAL The November 3rd election was not what we had hoped. But, it was not a complete disaster. LGBT rights and out candidates made...

And quoth the Raven nevermore

The Raven, a long time gay bar and resort in New Hope Pennsylvania, is closing as of May 12th.  "Due to some unfortunate life circumstances,"...

1971 camp classic “Tricia’s Wedding” available on DVD

Tricia's Wedding is outrageous This re-issue of the high-camp, underground classic from 1971 is a not-to-be missed chance to see why President Nixon's White house aides...
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