HIV/AIDS: We need a seat at the table in healthcare...

David Mixner commentary.

The healthcare reform law just celebrated its first birthday. Some are pushing to repeal it, others want to see it changed, and others are happy with the way things are.The HIV/AIDS community, for the most part, has been supportive of the president's healthcare efforts. Over the last three decades, we've paid the price that comes with a government that does not embrace our sick. More than most, we felt a moral urgency to pass this legislation.

LGBT activists mourn the death of John Adler

Former NJ Congressman John AdlerFormer southern New Jersey Congressman John Adler has died at the age of 51. He was a longtime friend of the LGBT community in New Jersey said Garden State Equality chair Stephen Goldstein in a mournfull email late last night, "It is impossible to overstate John's importance as an all-time hero to our movement for equality. Basically all LGBT civil rights bills in New Jersey go through the Senate Judiciary Committee. As Chairman of that Committee," he said, "John was not only the gatekeeper of our future, but also the successful guarantor."

Another NJ student arrested on Soulforce Equality Ride

I was arrested at Heritage Christian University“ We have an important message to share and I need to deliver this letter to Dr. Jones,” I...

Rutgers LGBT group invites the community to join them

Homeless dispairOperation Shine Spotlights Homeless Youth in America.

In shelters across our state, in doorways, in abandoned buildings, makeshift camps and squats, homeless youth try to find a safe place to sleep at night. For hundreds of homeless youth in New Jersey, safety does not come easy and sometimes not at all. On May 14th you can shine a spotlight too say organizers of Operation Shine.

Summer of 42 is touching at Bucks County Playhouse

Scene from Summer of 42 at Bucks County Playhouseshow review. 

The musical version of the 1971 film is not what you might expect. It is a cheery, bright and breezy evening where the three protagonists rejoin on an island off the coast of Maine in the summer of 1942. Two of the teens are from New York, while the bookish, geeky lad says he's from New Jersey, where the air is better. This line received no laughs at the performance I attended. Comparisons can be made to two other works which popped into my mind early on in the show.

Artistic inspiration in rainbows and glass

artist profile

“Everybody loves rainbows,” Charlie Katzenbach says, talking about the inspiration for her artwork. She believes that rainbows communicate a joyful feeling. Rainbows also symbolize hope— hope for the artist as a transgender individual, and also for the larger LGBT community. But for Katzenbach, rainbows are more than an LGBT symbol.

Commission on homeless youth formed

New York City Mayor Bloomberg recognizes LGBT youth problem Speaking at the annual benefit for the Ali Forney Center on Oct. 5, Mayor Bloomberg announced the...

President Barack Obama mandates hospitals extend equal visitation rights to Gays

In a two-page memo released on Thursday, April 15, President Obama asked the Department of Health and Human Services to extend equal visitation rights...

The new pope is not all sweetness and light – especially...


The new pope, Francis I, comes to the throne amidst general hosannas and a great deal of PR about his dedication to personal poverty and his touchingly worded appeals for concern for the world's poor.

We are lovingly told how he refused to live in the Archbishop's palace when he was elevated to the diocese of Buenos Aires, choosing instead a simple apartment. He got rid of the chauffeur-driven limo and took the bus to work. 

GSE town meeting at Rutgers says This Has To Stop

Packed meeting at Rutgers calls for anti-bullying measures. It opened with a violin tribute to the late Tyler Clementi (himself a violin virtuoso)...
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