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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Jersey girls strike a pose in a book celebrating LGBT youth

Alyssapersonal profile.

At 30, photographer Rachelle Lee Smith has already spent the better part of a decade working on her dream project. “Speaking OUT: Voices of Queer Youth” is a work in progress–a collection of photographs of LGBT youth and their personal messages, which she is compiling into a book.

“You Gotta Give Them Hope!”

commentary. The quote is from one of the the most influential speeches of the 20th century. Spoken by the famous Harvey Milk, he helped to...

Regional LGBT News

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Sign-up for the Affordable Care Act in Jersey City

Three organizations will team up for an Affordable Care Act information Town Hall Meeting in Jersey City. The meeting will be held at the Husdon Pride Connections Center in late October to educate the local LGBT community on the Affordable Healthcare registration process.

Ancient Christian Icon Shows Gay Wedding – Or Does It?

History Shows Modern Fundies Preach Wrong View Of Early Christian Teachings Through much of history, especially prior to the Fourteenth Century, many Christians...

A New Jersey Civil Union Update

ONE YEAR LATER:In December 2006, Governor Jon Corzine signed the civil unions legislation making New Jersey only the second state to sanction civil unions....

My Big Gay Italian Wedding has a big heart

theater review.  My Big Gay Italian Wedding is the latest production from the mind of three-time Daytime Emmy Award winner (and frequent Jersey...

“Unbroken Circle” is an emotional roller coaster ride

Eve Plumb in "Unbroken_Circle."show review:

September 19 was gay night out at "Unbroken Circle" at the St. Luke's Theatre, 308 West 46th Street, New York City. To my eyes, it did not look especially "gay," but, then, what do I know? What was apparent was an interesting play performed by truly committed actors. If "Long Day's Journey into Night" collided with Tennessee Williams in Galveston, Texas, it might look and sound something like "Unbroken Circle."

The chosen family – TB BB


This season, we traditionally reminisce about our past, draw close to those we love, and act kindly in a holiday spirit. For many of New Jersey’s LGBT people, however, the ones we love are not always defined as part of our "traditional" family. I’m not just talking about our parents, of course. For many of us, our family is one that we choose throughout our lifetime, not necessarily the one into which we are born.

New Jersey student arrested in Florida during Soulforce Equality Ride

Riders Arrested Trying to Enter Worship Service at Palm Beach Atlantic University -  Bus vandalized(West Palm Beach, FL)—October 13 - Just hours ago, sixteen...