Southern NJ Gay Pride is this week

The sixth annual Southern New Jersey LGBTQA Pride will welcome its first headliner Monica Beverly Hills from "RuPaul's Drag Race" to the new pride festival location in Pennsauken this year. The Rock the Rainbow Pride Picnic will take place from noon-6 pm on Sunday, Sept. 15.

Scar Letters is well worth the effort

book review.

Scar Letters is a unique story about gay life from a point of view that is very different from the mainstream or the "Gay Book" genre. The first few pages will startle you as the narrator, Rudy, recounts his horrific and brutal rape eighteeen years ago. As the story moves on it becomes a recounting of a lifetime of hurt and missed opportunities. You might say, "Oh, I couldn't possibly read something like that." But you ought to because the book is hard to put down.

The New York City election


It's a choice between fascist kitten-crushers and freedom.

Joe Lohta thinks it’s just fine for subway trains to crush little kittens. Not a problem. Fat Cat Catsimatidis thinks it is reasonable suspicion to stop and frisk kids if they wear their hat backwards. Those are not  exaggerations folks – they are quotes

The “key” to magical spells

Out of the Broomcloset. 

This Halloween/ Samhain season, I would like to share how "The Key of Solomon" got me laid. Or maybe it didn't; the 60's being as carefree as they were, there may not have been any direct connection, except for the general loosening up of things which was in the air. My first contact with it did coincide with puberty; that much cannot be contested.


“Ex-gay” pastor Donnie McClurkin: A polarizing figure at the 50th anniversary...


Pastor Donnie McClurkin, an uber-star in the stratosphere of black gospel music, learned his light was extinguished before boarding his plane to perform at the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. McClurkin was scheduled to be one of the singers at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial during the "Reflections on Peace: From Gandhi to King" event.

Artistic inspiration in rainbows and glass

artist profile

“Everybody loves rainbows,” Charlie Katzenbach says, talking about the inspiration for her artwork. She believes that rainbows communicate a joyful feeling. Rainbows also symbolize hope— hope for the artist as a transgender individual, and also for the larger LGBT community. But for Katzenbach, rainbows are more than an LGBT symbol.

Two Boys Kissing will bring you to life

book review. 

David Levithan's previous novels have established him in the front rank of contemporary writers and earned him what seems to be a permanent place on the New York Times bestseller list. This record is a well- earned one. His most recent work, "Two Boys Kissing," however goes far beyond his previous accomplishments and can be given no lesser accolade than 'masterpiece.

We are in trouble – the kids have been tamed

casting aspersions.

“Kids! What’s the matter with kids today?” The song from Bye Bye Birdie" is a question as old as time. The ancient Greeks complained that young people wore their hair funny, listened to weird music and thought of nothing but driving around too fast in chariots and drinking too much. Some things never change – but some do and there has been a great change in our society; one that causes me to be concerned for the future.

Are we biting the hand that feeds us?

Russia is a very, very difficult country to stick a pin in, as LGBT activists are discovering in their rage over that government’s recent anti- gay legislation. After you’ve demonstrated in front of the embassy and trampled a flag or two, what can you do to make that rage felt? The immediate response by many gays and many gay nightclub owners has been to boycott the popular Stoli vodka, as being the only Russian sounding consumer product ready to hand.

She’s so unbelievable

Even before this year's Tonys, the legendary Cyndi Lauper was already considered a champion: A champion of the Grammys, a champion of the pop charts, a champion of gay rights. As a teary- eyed Cyndi Lauper accepted her Best Original Score statue for the music of Kinky Boots (it won a total of six Tonys, including Best Musical), the Broadway coming- of-age sensation about a drag queen and a shoemaker as unlikely business partners, she was recognized for something she had never been before: The girl who just wanted to have fun, with her apple- red hair and heavy Queens accent, was now a champion of the Broadway stage.