Native Jerseyan and New York radio star is all about equality

Cindy Verointerview with WKTU radio's Cindy Vero.

 Cindy Vero, host of the weekday WKTU morning show, "Wake Up with Cubby and Cindy," is the first to tell you that she is no overnight success. Vero, a North Jersey native, began her career at a young age, and has emerged today as one of the most heard and recognized voices in the New York tristate area. She also has nothing but pure love for the LGBT community, and even emceed the "LGBT-INI @ BAR-TINI" fund-raiser for homeless LGBT youth in February.

What’s Next, by Kerry Hannon gives ideas to reinvent ourselves

"They" used to say that after 30, you are invisible in the gay world. That old chestnut has changed a lot in recent years...

Words fail me. No, they don’t

Listen Mary:

Now that the Supremes have tossed out DOMA, my boyfriend and I are planning a wedding. I already know that after the divorce, I want the dining room set. It is solid walnut. I want the good china and the cat as well. He can have the bedroom furniture— it's a cheap starter set. The tropical fish will be a problem, however, that I can see coming. He won't give them up without a fight, and it could get ugly.

77 members of Congress urge Obama to suspend gay ban

'Don't Ask Don't Tell' can be eliminated by executive action they say On June 22, 2009, seventy-seven members of Congress called on President Obama and...

Babs Casbar Siperstein: Jersey activist takes care of business

personal profile She’s a 68-year-old woman who loves senior discounts and spoiling her grandchildren. But you probably won’t find her playing canasta or mahjong...

Another gay man commits suicide

26 year old Joseph Jefferson hung himselfIt was a text message from New York City party promoter Lee Soulja, “Sorry to deliver this info...

Vote Affirms LGBT Clergy Called to Serve the Church

Sharon Groves of the HRCThe Human Rights Campaign (HRC) today applauded the decision of the Presbyterian Church (USA) to remove all barriers to the ordination of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people as ministers and lay leaders. Today, the Twin Cities Presbytery in Minneapolis, Minn. became the 87th presbytery (regional governing bodies) in the 2.4 million-member denominations to vote to allow LGBT clergy and lay people the right to serve openly as ministers.

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