Sir Ivan’s “Live For Today” is eclectic and fabulous

Sir Ivan - Live For Today
music review.
Television star, hate crime activist, and all around goodwill ambassador, Sir Ivan is back to share some love with the dancefloor with his track "Live For Today". The remix package for the track is just as eclectic and fabulous as Sir Ivan himself. The Chris Cox Club Mix gives a very classic feel, with drops into the hypnotic-like chorus, and instead of a standard chorus, keeps the very ethereal vibe of the track, giving it a very early morning feel.

Sherri Rase: A dedicated life

Out In Jersey magaziine personal profile of Sherri Rase from Jersey Pridepersonal profile.

Sherri Rase was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., in the area now known as Wilton Manors. "It's like gay central in South Florida." Her identical twin sister, Debbi, is also gay, "Identical twins have a 50-50 chance of both being gay or both being heterosexual, which is greater than the general population, which has about a 10 percent chance."

Facing Homophobia With Facebook ads

Facebook Bans Book  “The Manly Art of Seduction, how to meet, talk to, and become intimate with anyone”, has been banned from Facebook. The...

The funniest and gayest Christmas show yet

SHOW REVIEW - The gayest Christmas pageant ever It probably is the gayest Christmas pageant ever and it certainly is the funniest. This production,...

Legislature passes an upgraded Hate Crimes and Bullying Law

On January 7, by a 65-10 vote, the New Jersey Assembly approved bill A4591/S2975, sweeping legislation to strengthen New Jersey's hate crimes and anti-school...

Another 3 good reasons to vote on Tuesday.

Ron Howard's Call To Action Ron Howard wants to talk about the election. So does Andy Griffith and Henry Winkler.  See more Ron...
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