No apology for demanding our rights

Opinion of The Senior Editor Today's paper (Dec. 11) reports Steven Goldstein, Chair of Garden State Equality, issued an email apology to Senate...

Expect the Unexpected

LEGAL_ANALYSISI have been reminded several times in recent months that life is full of unexpected events. First, a client of mine very nearly died...

Vote for Ed!

It has never happened before and it's a first for New Jersey. A LGBT candidate has decided to run for a very high office:...

The Mixer Mix-up

Cocktail ChatterMuch as I love the name, I can’t bring myself to consume what the kids today are calling the Skinny Bitch. This cocktail...

James Beard Foundation celebrates gay pride in high style

Food is a celebrationThe non-for-profit James Beard Foundation hosted “The Gay Soirée” at the famous house of James Beard on June 27th in honor...

The AIDS Generation

book review.

The AIDS Generation by Dr. Perry N. Halkitis, PhD, MS, MPH, is a powerful, moving and useful book. Not only does it chronicle the terrible years of the plague when a positive diagnosis was almost tantamount to a death sentence it also explores why that word "almost" must be included. A few survived that diagnosis and continue to survive. 

Vote Affirms LGBT Clergy Called to Serve the Church

Sharon Groves of the HRCThe Human Rights Campaign (HRC) today applauded the decision of the Presbyterian Church (USA) to remove all barriers to the ordination of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people as ministers and lay leaders. Today, the Twin Cities Presbytery in Minneapolis, Minn. became the 87th presbytery (regional governing bodies) in the 2.4 million-member denominations to vote to allow LGBT clergy and lay people the right to serve openly as ministers.

Sprout is drama by the bushel

BOOK REVIEW A young man loses his mother, while his father loses his mind.  This is where Dale Peck's Sprout begins. Rarely does someone in...

There is always another way

commentary letter:

 Thanks for the article on Marriage Equality in New Jersey in the February-March 2013 edition. Hopefully, it will enlighten people to the fact that there is more than one way to approach the issue. When New York State failed to pass Marriage Equality in 2009, Alan Van Capelle, the Executive Director of the Empire State Pride Agenda, quickly realized that his leadership failed and left the organization within weeks. 

The Tides Hotel in Asbury Park is a hidden treasure

hotel review -

It is no secret that Asbury Park is Fire Island's cuter, cheaper, and easier to travel to destination. It is an all together nicer cousin on this side of the Hudson River. This fact has been relatively well known since the town's historic revival – mostly by LGBT people in the 1990s.

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