3 Boys is deply moving and riveting

theater review. This off-Broadway production, part of New York's wonderful annual "Fringe Festival," is a powerful and deeply moving play that had the...

My Stars April 2011

earthAries (Mar21-Apr20): You might want to ease up on the gas pedal, or better yet, turn off the engine, get out of your vehicle, and stretch.  While things are moving along satisfactorily, Saturn makes even your most notable achievements a burden.  What good is success if it makes you miserable?

A balancing act: An interview with New York City author Arthur...

Arthur Wooten is the author of On Picking Fruit, Fruit Cocktail and many other delightful novels. His latest book is Dizzy, a fictional memoir. Recently, Wooten agreed to talk about Dizzy, the novel, the real life story behind it, and also about a main "character" in his book - a mysterious medical condition.

Alina Oswald: Hi Arthur! Congrats on your new book Dizzy, a Fictional Memoir  I couldn’t put it down.

Three plays at Gay Fest in Philadelphia

Quince Productions presented the Third Annual Gay Fest from August 6-24 in Philadelphia. The venues included the Second Stage and the Playground at the Adrienne at 2030 Sansom Street and Plays and Players Theater, 1714 Delancey Street. There were many events, with a fourth play, readings, and a gala event. The three plays reviewed here were seen over a two-day period in August.

We may see things change for the better on “Real Housewives...

"Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Giudice has been a breakout star of the show since the show premiered five years ago. After a couple of rough seasons with family fighting and drama front and center, this season, we may see things change for the better and see some goold old fashioned fun. Here, Teresa talks to Entertainment Editor Cookie about the new season of  "Housewives", her new cookbook "Fabulicious On The Grill" and who she would want to join the show as castmembers. 

We are stuck on this planet

casting aspersions

For many years, I have entertained a theory that the Earth is an interplanetary insane asylum. The flying saucers are our keepers. They’ve got us out here in an insignificant solar system at the edge of the galaxy where we can’t do any harm to the grown-ups. Much of human history becomes comprehensible in the light of this theory.

2 More Deaths

Two Other Gay Teen Suicides in September 2010 Vigil with Six-Point Call to Action  Cody Barker, 17, from Appleton, Wisconsin and Chloe Lacey, 18,...



For whom the Taco Bell tolls: Not us

Anti-Gay and Lesbian movements sign


Taco Bell, rated among the worst of fast-food chains for its unhealthy menus, is not looking too good on the civil-rights front either. Jason Smith, an openly gay employee of a Taco Bell restaurant, and a member of the nationwide network of queer activists Connecting Rainbows, was dismissed from his job in April 2011 after another employee allegedly made a threat against Mr. Smith's life and safety based on Mr. Smith's sexual orientation.


Malcolm X was “gay-for-pay”

Malcolm Xcommentary.

Before any of us in the LGBT communities laud Malcolm X as our new gay icon or castigate him for being a black heterosexist nationalist on the "down low," we might need to closely examine the recent revelation that for a period in his life Malcolm X engaged in same-sex relationships. Also, before any of us in the African American community flatly dismiss these assertions as part and parcel of a racist conspiratorial propaganda machine that is out to discredit our brother Malcolm, we need, at least, to hear these nagging claims.

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