Ray Tomczak and Robbie Domingo

Ray Tomczak and Robbie Domingo were married on December 1, 2015, in South Brunswick, NJ.   Their wedding was officiated by Brian Shapiro.  ...

Martha and Kristin Bleeker-Silvani

Martha and Kristin Bleeker-Silvani of Hamilton, NJ. They were married in June.      

Tommy and Cesar Hymer

Tommy and Cesar Hymer of Cumberland County, NJ were married on November 2, 2014.    

Hector Gonzales and Abe Cubero, Jr

Hector Gonzales and Abe Cubero, Jr  were married in Sommerville, NJ  on May 27, 2013.     

James Poutre and Marlton Ford

James Poutre and Marlon Ford were married on March 19, 2016 in Jersey City. Photo by Alina Owald.

Aden and Dominick DiBenedetto-Reis

Aden and Dominick DiBenedetto-Reis were married on January 17, 2017. They reside in Mt. Olive, NJ

Julia Fahl & Kari Osmond

Julia Fahl & Kari Osmond of Lambertville, NJ were married on January 27, 2018.