Jason Walker remakes iconic track and runs with it

Jason Walker 2014Since he hit the stage in New York City with "My Life", Jason Walker has been one of the premier voices in dance music. He came rushing back to the dance charts this year with a cover of the Taylor Dayne classic "Tell It To My Heart" (along with the legendary Bimbo Jones).

A natural born icon and still “as new as tomorrow” Dolly

Dolly PartonDolly Parton is a natural born icon, and has continued to be a person who loves everyone without passing judgment. "It's no one's place to judge. God loves us all and people know that I'm open and accepting. When you get older, you really reflect and look back, you know?"

Legendary captures the Ballroom scene

OMNI Ball Wolfgang Busch and  Gerard H GaskinGerard H. Gaskin, photographer and author of Legendary: Inside the House of Ballroom Scene is legendary himself.

The Queen Bee Mariah is Giving you Life

Mariah 2014Whether it's running Mariah Media Group (where she is CEO and founder), leading her daughter's Girl Scout Troop, or tangling with the women on Bravo's "Married to Medicine" Mariah Huq certainly has her hands full. This "Queen Bee" took some time to chat with me about her thoughts on "Housewives" comparisons and a new show she is creating. And she gave a first class lesson in "Mariah-isms"! 

Embracing the hidden truths

Leon CalafioreDear readers, considering how much I trust you to keep a secret, the time has come to reveal the truth about the Wiccan-Masonic complex, the hidden hand that has controlled and influenced historical events from behind the scenes. Wait for it... There's no such thing.

Bonnie McKee discusses luck and inspiration in her music

Bonnie McKeeFrom Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" to Rita Ora's "How We Do (Party)," Bonnie McKee has had a hand in crafting some of the most amazing pop songs in recent memory. She also had a huge hit with her summer feel good track of last year, "American Girl."  

Alex Minsky inspires many and is as an unlikely model

Alex Minsky photo by Rome GrantFormer Marine Alex Minsky has gone from losing his leg while stationed in Afghanistan, to becoming a successful, yet unlikely model. While Minsky has encountered a few bumps in the road, his story is one of success beyond adversity, which is why Minsky has become a darling of the LGBT community as well. Alex spoke about his path to standing in front of the camera and how it feels to be a gay icon.

My Stars for April-May

ariesAries (Mar21-Apr20): The Planetary bonds which hold us all back these next two months hobble some of us more than others. You, dear Aries, are the most hobbled of us all. The more you struggle against current circumstances, the tighter your bonds will become. Try to relax, and enjoy your situation. 

Catladies: The Musical That Makes Lawyers Purr To Debut in New...

Cat Lady Sarah Dubinsky"The comedy Catladies (one word) was inspired by watching my girlfriend's amazing ten-minute play in a showcase of plays by Offsides NJ Productions in late October," said Sarah Dubinsky, the writer for Catladies: The Musical That Makes Lawyers Purr. "I thought that if she could do a ten-minute play, then I could do a ten-minute cat musical. 

Bianca Del Rio says “It’s Comedy”

Bianca Del Rio 2014  performer on RuPaul's Drag Race on LOGOBianca Del Rio has become the breakout star of this season's "RuPaul's Drag Race" on LOGO. Since taking New York by storm when she arrived from New Orleans almost a decade ago, "Hurricane Bianca" takes no prisoners with her razor sharp wit and expert costuming. Bianca discussed the "Drag Race" experience, her upcoming appearance at Feather's in River Edge, and what she thinks the difference is between New Jersey and New York City boys.

Out In Jersey