Trump-the-toad enables killing gays

Casting Aspersions For some time I have been referring to our president as “Trump-the-Toad,” and it has suddenly dawned on me why this term came...

Anti-gay Mike Pence is about to change my position

V.P. Mike Pence is on my radar, wonder why? Is Vice President anti-gay Mike Pence a closeted, deep-in-self-hate raging homo? Is that self-hate so intolerable...

Creep of the week: Roy Moore

Many women have accused Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual assault against them when they were as young as 14 years old. Newsflash: A...

Editors IN Box – Pride is Visibility

Out In Jersey magazine Editor Sam MartinoJune is the month when our visibility is most prevalent and pride is celebrated all over the world, we come out in droves to show that we are proud of who we are. We stand together. New Jersey has been showing its pride for 23 years with their spectacular celebration in Asbury Park, but June is not the only month that we are visible.

Sorry — you haven’t done enough

Casting Aspersions Not a day goes by without my mailbox receiving appeals from worthy charities. Every organization from Save the Whales to Famine Relief...

Getting dressed for Jeff Sessions

Sessions says Federal pot laws should be enforced “All the world’s a stage — the men and women are but the players…” (Shakespeare) That being...

This Holiday, do not go to the mall

Out In Jersey magazine Editor Sam MartinoEditor's Letter

Holidays are a difficult time for many people, but we must continue to keep a positive attitude and be the change we want to see in the world.

Matt Walsh is a creep writing for the Daily Wire

Creep of the Week It should be obvious by now that the Creep of the Week every week is Donald Trump. He is a...

Why did Fox News distort the Chris Christie record?


Fox News really does not like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The "fair and balanced" news network is so afraid of Christie in the upcoming 2016 GOP presidential primaries that they have begun to blatantly distort or ignore his actual record on same- sex marriage. Yesterday, Fox News attempted to paint Christie as a moderate compromiser.

Positive Thoughts: A sense of community

Community is a word I often hear bandied about at various HIV meetings, conferences and gatherings, but it’s sometimes a loaded word that often...
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