Lori Michaels helps out with Toys for Tots!

Toys for tots fundraiser at GeorgiesIn The Cookie Jar- Georgies Toys for Tots tradition continues.

Like Santa Claus & hanging stockings, the annual Toys for Tots benefit at Georgie's Bar in Asbury Park is a holiday tradition. This year's benefit, organized by Sgt. Connie Breech (also an Asbury Park resident) was another smashing success with hundreds turning out to support the cause. Charlie Gurrera, Georgies Manager, spoke with me and told me that "with over 250 people in attendance, and over 800 toys" he could not have been more thrilled with the evening. 

“A Day with HIV” will create a photo tapestry

Mondo GuerraFashion designer and HIV advocate Mondo Guerra and others are joining forces with Positively Aware magazine for "A Day with HIV" photo essay campaign on September 21.  A Day with HIV will help fight the stigma of HIV and advance a community of caring through this collective photographic portrait.

Schools Headmaster fires gay teacher

Michael Griffin a teacher in a Philadelphia Catholic High School was fired on Friday Dec. 6. He says it was just after he applied for a New Jersey marriage license. Michael Griffin says Holy Ghost Preparatory School administrators said his obtaining a marriage license to marry his same- sex partner was a violation of his teaching contract.

Very special Valentine’s Day gift

Überlube, a leader in the personal lubricant market, is now showing impressive versatility in the beauty and health industries for men and women alike. They have introduced a versatile convenient traveler pack. 

AIDS is God’s punishment for LGBTs says NJ B&B owner

An Edgewater Park, NJ, business owner took to Facebook to insult a local lesbian who decided to speak up against hate. Joianne Fraschilla expressed...

Senate passes NJ marriage equality bill to applause

On Monday, the New Jersey Senate voted to approve the Marriage Equality and Religious Exemption Act by 24-16. The bill, known as S. 1 in the Senate, allows gay and lesbian couples to enter into a civil marriage while protecting the freedom of religious organizations to choose whether they will perform same-gender marriages.

“Ex-Gays” are confronted by reality

NEWS Protest90 protestors were on hand in rural Auburn, New Hampshire early Saturday morning, September 17, to greet attendees arriving for the Exodus International North Atlantic Regional Conference. Exodus is the country's leading network of "ex-gay ministries" and a pillar of the anti-LGBT religious right. Standing on a traffic island where cars exited the highway and lining the road leading to the conference site, LGBT activists and straight allies held signs, shouted chants, and sang freedom songs. Messages like "Be Yourself," "Conversion Therapy Kills," and "God Loves Me and She Knows I'm Gay" adorned colorfully decorated posters.

The top U.S. cities for same-sex couples according to the census

Rainbow FamilyU.S. News and World Report writer crunches the numbers

The 2010 census marked the first time that same-sex married couples will be counted as such in the decennial population count. During the 2000 census, even when no state recognized same-sex marriages, many gay couples listed themselves as spouses; now that five states, plus the District of Columbia, issue licenses to same-sex couples, the bureau will be able to count them more accurately, and that data will be released for the first time ever this November.  Danielle Kurtzleben's article in U.S. News and World Report avaialble here.