Capricorn, you will be the life of the party this New Year’s Day

Capricorn sign

My Stars by Madame Zzaj

Sagittarius signSagittarius (November 22-December 22): It seems that our expectations, as we run up to the official start of winter, will put you in situations that demand your diligence and attention. Though it does not rule your sign, Saturn and its call to service sounds a particularly clear alarm in your noggin. Know that your aid, assistance to others, will truly be appreciated.


Capricorn signCapricorn (December 22-January 19): To you falls the enviable mantle of being the life of the party, in circumstances both big and small. Jupiter and Neptune, in particular, lend to you the ability to conceive of delightful things, move them into reality, and to be most generous in sharing them with those of us less inspired. You’re a true beacon in the darkness, as well as the New Moon New Year’s Day.


aquarius signAquarius (January 20-February 18): It’s a slow start for you as 2021 ebbs away, yours being another sign being toyed with by Uranus; it plays Lucy Van Pelt to your Charlie Brown. On the bright side (yes, there is one), circumstances should improve immensely once we get into the New Year; better to experience delayed gratification than no gratification at all.


Pisces signPisces (February 19-March 20): Though some aches and pains might come your way as we sail through December, you should be compensated with delightful ideas and notions coming readily to hand. If you can backpedal from strenuous physical activity and allow others to set your plans in motion, a brilliant time should be had by all.


aries signAries (March 21-April 20): Venus, Mars, and your Moon appear to be having a really splendid time in each other’s company, which should certainly allow you to be a more desirable companion. Don’t be surprised if some small material rewards come your way as well, as Jupiter seems to favor you when you exhibit this aspect of your personality.


Taurus signTaurus (April 21-May20): Some get to attain the desired result with ease, but for you, my dear, it seems no one else can assist you but yourself. It’s not that you’re disinclined to admire others; only your own diligence will provide the satisfaction. Keeping distractions to a minimum brings results in January.


Gemini signGemini (May 21-June 20): The approach of the Full Moon December 18th should find you, as several other signs, saddled to duty, courtesy of Saturn. Please, don’t let yourself be taken advantage of, attending to tasks because you “do it so well.” Let some of your free time be entirely yours, rather than frittering it away because others perceive you as a soft touch.


Cancer signCancer (June 21-July 22): Just before the Solstice, it seems that recognition of your talents should finally kick in. Best to accept the accolades with a minimum of chatting about it as Mercury tries leading you to trip up by saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. Keep the self-gossip to a minimum, loose lips sink ships and relationships.


Leo signLeo (July 23-August 22): You just might need to take a time out as your Moon accompanies the Sun, ruler of your sign, into the Winter Solstice; most every planet is poorly aspected to your best interests at that time. The same holds true in January; it might be best to take this downtime to assess, rather than act (or more to the point, overreact).


Virgo signVirgo (August 23-September 22): Your Moon oversees Christmas this year, and Mercury, your ruler, seems to desire that you set the tone by being in a reflective state of mind, sharing your insights and stories. Tis the season; here we are now, entertain us, that sort of thing. This continues into January; creativity flows effortlessly.


Libra signLibra (September 23-October22): Have a care to not burn yourself as December winds down; your reserves of empathy could be perilously low at the end of December by Mercury and Venus squaring off to your Moon. This holds true as 2022 kicks in. It’s not being stingy to occasionally put your own needs ahead of everyone else; how can you be at your best when parts of that are nibbled away by everyone else?


Scorpio signScorpio (October 23-November 21): While it may be winter, you seem to have your own internal source of heat, provided compliments of your Moon and Uranus being at odds. Expectations run high, but never quite come to fulfillment. It might be better to approach the holiday season with very minimal expectations, thus finding comfort and joy in the small things, as big ones don’t seem to be on the menu.